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How long can you keep cows’ milk out?

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HarryHarry · 07/04/2019 15:17

My son is nearly 1 and has just moved onto cows’ milk. He doesn’t like it straight out of the fridge so we still warm it up for him but he doesn’t always finish it in one go. How long can we keep it out before we have to throw it away? I would think the same rules apply as for formula - up to 1 hour - but I keep seeing people out and about with bottles of it in the cup holders on their pushchairs or tucked into the pocket of their nappy bags (not insulated) for their babies to sip from throughout the day. Do they know something I don’t?

OP posts:
dementedpixie · 07/04/2019 18:04

It should be ok for a few hours. Formula shouldn't be left out due to bacteria in the formula powder

RogueV · 08/04/2019 22:45

I agree up to 1 hour.

dementedpixie that is incorrect. Hot water kills any bacteria. It’s bacteria from the babies mouth sucking on the bottle which can grow. Hence once drank from any unused milk left in the bottle should be chucked after 1 hour.

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