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MommaBearKOE · 05/04/2019 03:29

Hi all, I am at my wit's end. My 8 month old has had reflux since birth, but after trying a billion medicines carobel did the trick. She's never been a big eater. I counted her ounces every day (something I've never had to worry about before as my other two were greedy babies) and we got by. However all of a sudden she has decided she no longer wants bottles. She doesn't cry when I try to make her drink, she just clamps her mouth shut and moves her head away. I've been adding milk to her feeds and syringing it into her mouth in between spoon feeds which takes forever and she's taking MUCH less milk than before this way. Im not really worried about her losing weight as she eats a lot of solids. What im worried about is that she won't touch a bottle or sippy cup for water either. I've been syringing that into her mouth as well but she refuses to take very much of it at all. I've tried adding juice and she hates that even more. I'm terrified of her getting dehydrated. I've become completely obsessed with finding ways to get liquids into her mouth and counting the exact number of mls she's had in a day. I'm constantly checking to make sure her soft spot hadn't sunken in, changing nappies praying for a wet one and I'm exhausted. I took her to the doctor and he just said "it's a battle of wills and she's winning" but what am I meant to do? I can hardly force feed her and make her hate liquids even more! I don't know what to do. Has anyone ever experienced this or have any advice? Thanks in advance

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