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When to stop trying?

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iamsuchatit · 24/03/2019 03:01

DD will be 4 weeks on Thursday and I’ve tried really hard to breastfeed her but she won’t latch which is due to my flat and practically non existent nipples. I do have annoyingly large breasts which is making positioning hard as well.

I didn’t get much help at the hospital (although she did get some colostrum at birth) and the health visitor has been around once to see what DD does when feeding and came back to check on us but DD was asleep so couldn’t really do anything. She’s coming back on Friday. I’ve spoken to La Leche (there isn’t anyone from there in my area) and a local breastfeeding support group. Nothing has helped. I’ve also tried nipple shields. I can’t go to either of the two breastfeeding support groups in my town next we due to a doctors appointment and a dentist appointment.

I’ve been pumping to try and get some breastmilk in her but making the time to express during the day is proving impossible. I expressed 5 times yesterday instead of the 8-12 recommended.

As she is FF I’m still doing all the night feeds and I get upset every time I have to give her a bottle but I don’t really know what else I can do Sad When is a good time to stop trying?

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le42 · 24/03/2019 03:03

I have quite flat nipples so found latch hard but nipple shields have been a god send, what was your experience with them?

iamsuchatit · 24/03/2019 03:06

I should probably add that I don’t want or expect her to be EBF at this point now but I want to get some breastmilk in her with minimum effort possible! If she could have 2 - 3 feeds a day of breast milk (either at the breast or expressed milk) i’d be happy

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iamsuchatit · 24/03/2019 03:09

@le42 DD just seemed to get more cross with them (I’ve tried a couple of varieties) and I’d had more success when I’d not used them although she’s never latched on for more than a few minutes. When we tried yesterday she just fell asleep at the boob.

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palindromeam · 24/03/2019 03:12

Sounds like you're having a hard time with it and pumping 5 times a day day sounds like you're trying really hard.

I think it is up to you, there's no right or wrong with this.

If you would like more support the NCT's feeding line which can give you great support with any type of feeding - not just breastfeeding - so should be able to help you with what the best strategy is. It opens at 8am tomorrow

PhoenixBuchanan · 24/03/2019 03:23

Have you considered seeing a certified lactation consultant? Most of them will come to your house, and on quite short notice.

iamsuchatit · 24/03/2019 05:16

Thanks all.

I think I’ll give it another week as I tried to get her to latch at her 4am feed and it was a disaster. It’s making me feel really shit about myself and making me think bad thoughts about my DD Sad

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iamsuchatit · 24/03/2019 05:18

I couldn’t find a lactation consultant in my area (not for lack of trying). Also wary of spending anymore money on trying to breastfeed incase it doesn’t work out.

Wish people would warm you about this shit before giving birth

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iamsuchatit · 24/03/2019 05:19


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helterskelter3 · 24/03/2019 05:24

Please don’t let it stress you out. If it’s having that effect then it’s not worth it. What about FF exclusively at night and BF during the day when you’re a bit more with it? Latching a baby on/feeding in the night can feel so lonely and isolating.

PeachPotato · 25/03/2019 21:18

Pumping at least once overnight would help your supply, ideally in conjunction with pumping more in the day! I can see how you’d struggle to fit it all in though. If you can afford it then an elvie pump would be the easiest way to pump.

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