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Mums who breastfed for 12-24 months?

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brookshelley · 28/02/2019 08:06

Two DCs, both breasted for 15-16 months. I was sick of it by the end and encouraged weaning by not offering and giving cow's milk and more food.

I feel like the majority of mums I know either

  • mostly/exclusively formula fed and think BF was a huge hassle
  • extended BF until 2-3-4 years old

Are there mums who are in the middle? BF for longer than average but were ready to give up in baby's second year? I don't really have anyone in real life I can relate to.
OP posts:
PrincessButtockUp · 28/02/2019 09:03

We stopped shortly before DD's 2nd birthday. It had become a quick comfort and a quiet moment in a busy day rather than food. I stopped offering and she stopped asking, so we just went with it.

PastaSauceHoarder · 28/02/2019 09:03

I stopped breastfeeding my little girl when she was 17 months - she was only feeding at night but I sort of put it off for a while because I thought she'd react badly to being weaned off. But nope we stopped cold turkey and she took to it like a dream, I was so relieved!

I had a few reasons for stopping, but mainly because I wanted to get pregnant again. Stopped breastfeeding in the November, took a few weeks for my milk to dry up and then I got pregnant in the December!

Seeline · 28/02/2019 09:03

Narya - have you tried mixing a little bit of cows milk into his formula. Just gradually increase the balance of cows milk to formula over a couple of weeks and hopefully DC won't notice.

ZaphodBeeblerox · 28/02/2019 09:07

You’ve done amazingly! And it’s okay to stop now. No need to get caught up in the guilt Olympics. There will always be someone who feeds until 3-4-5 and makes you feel like a bad mum but you’ve done so well!

brookshelley · 28/02/2019 09:08

Glad to see I'm not alone!

I stopped at 14 months with DC1 and I think 13 months with DC2. I figured they could have cow’s milk by 12 months, so I never needed to go onto formula.

For me 12 months was always my target so anything beyond that should be a bonus. Neither of mine ever had formula either but I did go back to work so I expressed for months. I have mixed feelings about stopping BF but I was thrilled to put the pump down - hated it.

Although that reminds me I have some BM in the freezer I can give DD2 now that she's off the breast, to top up.

OP posts:
Jenala · 28/02/2019 09:09

I fed both of mine about the same amount of time as you.

Seniorschoolmum · 28/02/2019 09:10

I ebf for 6 months, bf & solids until 18 months. It was enough, I wouldn’t have wanted to carry on so moved to full fat cows milk and normal food.

But I was at home for 18 months. I think expressing while working would have been a complete bind.

MarshaBradyo · 28/02/2019 09:26

I’ve just returned from Aus and I feel like we’ve regressed due to jet lag, loads of feeds and clinginess

It’s understandable but as much as it helped on the flight - stopped all crying - I just need to not be carrying and feeding her so much.

So heavy and physically exhausting

brookshelley · 28/02/2019 10:29

MarshaBradyo it’s an amazing tool on long haul travel but when you’re home all of a sudden baby is attached to you again! There are also developmental leaps at 13-14 months and 16-17 months that cause clinginess.

OP posts:
MarshaBradyo · 28/02/2019 10:31


SheRaTheAllPowerful · 28/02/2019 10:33

I BF twins for a year, I felt like that was the point they could have cows milk and I’d just had enough, I cut it down by one feed every couple of weeks until I gave up.

Narya · 01/03/2019 08:55

Narya - have you tried mixing a little bit of cows milk into his formula. Just gradually increase the balance of cows milk to formula over a couple of weeks and hopefully DC won't notice

@ Seeline yep tried that! We've got as far as 50/50 formula/cows milk a few weeks ago. Any further reduction in the formula at all and he won't touch it Sad

TeddyIsaHe · 01/03/2019 09:00

Babies don’t need to drink milk past one, so don’t panic too much if he doesn’t have it. Just make sure he’s getting other portions of dairy (full fat yogurt, cream cheese, cheese etc) and dark green veg if he’ll eat it. Dd is not a big milk fan (apart from bm!) and we’ve had no problems not having it.

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