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Newborn constantly crying for more

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Lilly86 · 22/02/2019 00:27

I had my baby on monday. We have been in hospital until today trying to establish breast feeding. Unfortunately lo wouldnt suckle at my breast so i made the decision to bottle feed yesterday. Last night he took around 40ml every 3 hours sleeping like a log in between. We have come home today and hes screaming blue murder for more every hour! Is this normal? The routine has gone out the window and the poor mite just doesnt seem to be satisfied. He'll leave bottle, nod off then wake for more. I'm finding difficult to keep up.

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tablelegs · 22/02/2019 00:33

Don't worry about a routine at the moment. Feed the baby on demand.

villainousbroodmare · 22/02/2019 00:35

Congratulations on your baby! There is definitely no such thing as a routine for a newborn. Their wants are the same as their needs. You just have to go with it. Re feeding, I don't know how much a newborn feeds as all of mine were bf, but you have to offer milk whenever they seem to want it and sometimes gently encourage them to stay awake and keep feeding if you guess that they might need a bit more. It's not too late to rescue bf with help, if you want to... there are people who can help - and make sure the baby is professionally and throroughly checked for tongue tie irrespective of how you decide to feed.

Lilly86 · 22/02/2019 00:54

Thank you both. Baby was checked for tongue tie. One of my breasts wasnt working properly either due to damage from an old piercing so bottle has proved easier after 3 long and difficult days trying to bf. Will keep up with the feeding then, looks like a long and difficult night ahead!! I must have gotten off lightly last night.

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