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Similac Alimentum/Reflux

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tinkaroo · 17/02/2019 16:01

DS is 7 weeks old and diagnosed with silent reflux.
Currently on 0.5mg Ranitidine three time a day with no effect. Full of nasal congestion, rashes etc so GP has prescribed Similac Alimentum formula for suspected cmpa which he has been on for 24 hours.
Any reviews of this product? I haven't noticed any positive effect yet so was wondering when others noticed a difference in their children?
If this doesn't work the next step is a referred to a specialist- I'm at my wits end listening to him choking all night and watching him writhe in pain during and after feeds!

OP posts:
Mummy081212 · 17/02/2019 16:31

My 16 week old boy has been on this milk for one week. Initially we started to see a more pleasant baby however over the last three days he has been refusing feeds and also being quite sick up to 2-3 hours after each feed. It tastes disgusting, his poos are horrendous, and his sick smells like adult sick. I am going back to see the GP tomorrow as I too am at my wits end. On anti-reflux milk he was taking 7oz bottles every four hours during the day. I can now barely get to finish at 4 ounce bottle. I’m really worried about him.

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