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10 week old feeding 4 times a day

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LaurenSarah22 · 29/01/2019 02:50

So my LO is 10 weeks old and for the past few days is only feeding 4 times a day. She's sleeping through the night from 9.30pm till around 8am with the odd day of 9am. She feeds around 9am then around every 5 hourly and has about 5/6oz at a time. I've tried to squeeze in a 5th bottle, or feed her before the 5 hours is up but she just doesn't want it. She's a good weight and is due to be weighed again next week, plenty of wet nappies, plenty of poos and is very alert during the day when she isn't napping. Does this sound okay? I'm a FTM and its worrying me.

OP posts:
JiltedJohnsJulie · 29/01/2019 07:22

If she’s ff, it’s not the amount of bottles you need to take into consideration, it’s he number of floz Smile

She needs 2.5 floz per pound in weight, so if she’s 10 pound, she needs 25 floz over 24 hours. If you work it out like this, does it sound about right?

LaurenSarah22 · 29/01/2019 08:57

Last time i got her weighed it was 3 weeks ago and she was 10lb 9oz

OP posts:
JiltedJohnsJulie · 29/01/2019 16:27

So would you say she's getting between 25 and 27 floz over a day on average? Smile

Hunwin79 · 29/01/2019 22:45

My lo is 15 weeks old and since Christmas she's has been the same as yours laurensarah22 although she's drinking more 6-7oz and only wanting 4 feeds. Sleeps from 9- 8 and she's 13lb 4 roughly

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