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Older baby on breastfeeding strike!

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Superbabe12 · 14/01/2019 15:07

This is my first post and I am so desperate!

My daughter is 12 months old and she is currently on breastfeeding strike the last 48 hours. This is so upsetting and devastating for me. She is so obvious unhappy about not breastfeeding.

She started biting my nipples for about two weeks that caused them to bleed. I did yell at her biting twice that made her to jump but she continued breastfeeding. Most of time I remain calmed and took her off breast quickly with my finger when she bites and she doesn’t like that. That’s what I did at the last session before striking! Also she might have sensed my stress and tension about sore nipples and whether if she’s going to bite again during breastfeeding session.

Also we are currently on family holiday in Thailand and have been here for nearly 1 week now. That probably is another contribution to her strike due to lots of factors such as travel, new place, change in my diet, heat etc also she have runny nose since day 1 in Thailand possibly a bad cold or from aircon in our bedroom.

I am trying my best to get her back on boobs ASAP as I do not think this is self weaning as she seems unhappy about it and it happened so quickly. Also she’s a bit too young for self weaning. She’s eating well (BLW) especially at breakfast and lunch time but usually grumpy and cranky at supper time due to tiredness. We are encouraging her to increase her water intake from an open cup but it’s so tricky as she’s so used to getting most of her fluids from breastmilk. We are giving her some breastmilk in a syringe but I am not able to hand express much out - it’s like 2 oz about 2-3 times a day.

I am doing lots of skin to skin contact with her so far with patience. Do you have any tips to speed up the process to end the breastfeeding strike? Sorry for such a long message but helpfully providing lots of information will be helpful for others in same positions/ and giving some good advice.

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