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8 day old baby not feeding as much

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PaperHalo · 02/12/2018 17:50

My 8 day old dd seems to be going backwards with feeding, we have only managed 5 feeds today with nothing over ten minutes- this can't be enough??? She was doing 25-40 minute feeds but has been fussy and only feeding for shorter and shorter periods.
I've tried stripping her off and tickling her feet, skin to skin but she just seems to fall asleep and lose interest after 5 minutes.
I've tried the breast feeding helpline a few times as my breast feeding advisor is away until Tuesday but they are 'unavailable'.
I'm worried that despite the reduced feeding that my boobs don't even feel that full or hard, am I losing my supply?

OP posts:
WeSaluteYou · 02/12/2018 17:55

Is this the helpline you’ve tried? tel:0300 1000212?

WeSaluteYou · 02/12/2018 17:56

There’s also the LLL one on 0345 1202918

WeSaluteYou · 02/12/2018 17:58

In terms of how your boobs feel - Ignore that, it isnt a reliable indicator of supply and especially not now your body will be adjusting to the feeding

What nappies have you had today? Nappy output is the best indicator of intake

Orlande · 02/12/2018 17:58

You need to call your midwife and get your baby seen ASAP.

PaperHalo · 02/12/2018 19:27

We’ve had 4 dirty nappies, we don’t tend to get wet ones from her, I think she must do her wees with her poos.

Thanks for the second number. I’ve struggled to get in touch on the 0300 1000 212 before so that is really helpful.

OP posts:
Orlande · 02/12/2018 19:32

An 8 day old baby who is excessively sleepy and not feeding well needs to be seen by a midwife - do you have their number?

Redskyandrainbows67 · 02/12/2018 19:34

I think she should been seen this evening - just to be sure.

Redskyandrainbows67 · 02/12/2018 19:36

There’s a rare chance she could be unwell. It’s hard to tell with little newborns as they don’t get temperatures or many other symptoms. I would see if you could get a gp appointment for reduced feeding this evening (on 111) or an emergency midwife out. Maybe you could Phone post natal ward????

Redskyandrainbows67 · 02/12/2018 19:42

This is good to say how to watch for signs of illness. Not feeding as much and sleepiness are two big red flags if feeding was previously going well.

Orlande · 03/12/2018 20:07

How is your baby today OP?

PaperHalo · 04/12/2018 10:27

She is 10 days now, she hasn’t been unwell I don’t think, just unsettled. I’m wondering if my milk is coming too quickly for her as she seems to guzzle and breathe quickly in the beginning and then burps and the last 24 hours or so she is often sick after 2nd boob. I didn’t think breast fed babies got wind or vomited!

OP posts:
Orlande · 04/12/2018 13:50

Has she been seen by someone? Never worry about wasting hv/midwife/gp's time, they are always happy to see a newborn.

PaperHalo · 04/12/2018 15:18

We have health visitor on Thursday morning. I guess we’ll see then how much weight she has put on...

OP posts:
peachgreen · 04/12/2018 15:24

Could be a CMPA - I'd get her seen asap, just to be on the safe side.

DrWhy · 04/12/2018 15:30

Weight will give you a good indication of how she’s doing - she may just be very efficient but 5 feeds a day seems quite low and I’d be worried about lack of wet nappies, if she’s also poof that’s fine but you should be able to see or feel from the weight of the nappy that there is wee too.
I would call your midwife or HV and ask them to come and look at her today (where we are we have midwife support to day 10) - 2 days is a long time for a newborn if you have any concerns.

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