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Get your coat on or we leave without you kinder.

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TexasParent · 28/11/2018 06:21

I was a proponent of the Babywise thang until wee Maxx cried and we tried to leave him. TO HELL WITH BABYWISE. And if you put the fear of abandonment into a baby at 8 weeks, or 5 years, they will grow up to be like TRUMP. Threatening abandonment or failing to CARE has consequences also, dear parent. Above all Love, Plz.

What works exactly for every child is of course different but for gods sake....child abuse is wrong in every instance, IMHO.
Lawson di Ransom Canyon, Texas America

OP posts:
JiltedJohnsJulie · 28/11/2018 07:05

Sorry but what on Earth are you talking about?

Bluerussian · 28/11/2018 07:34

Different language.

However, if the op means what I think she does, I agree. Threatening to leave children (or put them out of the car) if they are no co-operating is extremely unkind. Even though I'm sure the children know it's an empty threat.

tiktok · 29/11/2018 15:22

TexasParent, this is a UK site. Hardly anyone in the UK has heard of the poison that is BabyWise. Fortunately.

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