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Baby won't take bottle- back to work dilemma

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albanyd · 25/11/2018 17:34

My 6mo baby is BF but I'm back to work in December and he will not take a bottle. He used to as a little babe but flat-out refuses now. He stopped liking it when we tried to introduce formula. What should I do? He's just recovering from a stay in hospital with Bronchiolitis so weaning has slowed a bit too.

I've tried different bottles, sugar on the teat, denying BF (short while obvs!), dad giving bottles.

If anyone has any advice or has been thru the same thing, I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks in advance!

OP posts:
ShoeJunkie · 25/11/2018 17:37

Neither of my DCs would take a bottle. They had ebm from a sippy cup at their childminder when I went back to work.

IggyAce · 25/11/2018 17:41

Friend had a similar problem in the end she found her ds would take the bottles with the really old fashioned brown teats.

stealthbanana · 25/11/2018 17:42

This was me and my DS - right down to the having been ok with a bottle as a newborn but then refusing it later (makes it even more frustrating!).

I delayed my return to work a bit by doing half days for 3 weeks to get a couple more weeks of weaning under my belt. But basically what happened was that he would have tiny amounts of milk during the day and then tank up at night. I night weaned him from the breast at 12 months fully expecting him to stop all milk as he wasn’t drinking during the day and course then the little so and so started taking a bottle again!Hmm So with the benefit of hindsight maybe I should have started partial night weaning a little bit earlier - I was just too worried about his nutrition to take the risk.

It was an exhausting 6 months but I made it through. We do what we have to, eh?! Good luck OP!

RandomMess · 25/11/2018 17:45

In a different environment with you not there things could be very different.

I convinced my bottle registers by letting her have s small feed from me then sneaking the bottle in instead so she gave it a chance and decided it wasn't so evil after all!

Juliepops05 · 25/11/2018 18:47

DD (12) started at the crèche when she was 6 months old and had also been a bottle refuser until then. She accepted a bottle at the crèche because I wasn't there and when she started eating yogurt at around 8 months, she stopped taking a bottle completely. By that time she was eating solids quite well and the paediatrician said she was ok not to have any milk while she was at the crèche. She does make it up in the evening and during the night though as she has about 7 feeds between 5.00 pm and 7 amGrin

NationalShiteDay · 30/11/2018 17:39

Mine is 6mo and I've been desperate to get him to take a bottle. I've tried loads with no success, bought loads of cups, nothing.

However this evening he has just taken s feed from a MAM bottle. They claim a 94% success rate in transition from breast to bottle. I was dubious but IT WORKED 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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