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BFing - am I doing it right?!

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Stellarbella · 20/11/2018 17:06

DS is 11 weeks now and is EBF. We got to grips with BFing fairly early on and he’s gone from the 50th to 75th centile in the last four weeks Smile so it seems to be going well.

I keep reading about how babies at this age should have a set number of feeds per day, however our feeding pattern is pretty random. I seem to be feeding him constantly - when he wakes, before he sleeps, to stop hiccups, when he’s crying, when he looks like he might cry, when he’s grizzly etc. I was with a friend recently and put DS on the breast as he was a bit whingey. She asked how I knew he was hungry and I realised that I didn’t - he wasn’t sucking his hands or sticking out his tongue etc. I just fed him to stop a crying session from starting. I’m wondering whether I’m just feeding him to for an easier life and whether I should be trying to distract him with play or something. We obviously do play throughout the day but maybe I should try to get him into more of an eat / sleep / play routine?

Do most people feed on a schedule? Have I got this totally wrong? I’m just a bit worried that DH is going to find it difficult to entertain / comfort DS when I go back to work in a few weeks Confused

OP posts:
userabcname · 20/11/2018 17:15

I did the same as you- just fed as and when! From exeprience, babies tend to settle fine when mum isn't around as they can't smell the milk so don't worry about that. Sounds like you're doing a fab job! I found introducing solids added some structure to our day but at 11weeks I very much went with the flow.

Megasaur5keeper · 20/11/2018 17:36

Are you happy with how things are going? If you are (other than the worry about your DH) then it sounds like you are getting it right for you and the wee one!
Mine lets me know if she doesn't want to feed/nurse pretty quickly. Babies do nurse for reasons other than food as I'm sure you know (hopefully not patronising).
No sort of schedule here either- through all my antenatal classes the advice was "on demand" which would suggest there's no need for a schedule. I thought I didn't have a routine at all until I looked back over a week and it turned out there was a bit of a pattern to the days so I bet you have a bit of a routine too!
It sounds like you do entertain him in other ways! I do know what you mean though, I think I'd struggle a bit sometimes without the boob option to settle mine. I'm sure your DH will find his own way to entertain and comfort your DS when you are back at work. He'll have his own ways now anyway.

Wicket2016 · 20/11/2018 22:45

My dd is nearly 4 months and I do pretty much the same thing. Some days she has more of a pattern and randomly goes for longer stretches without wanting to feed. I have had to leave her for a few kit days and she was absolutely fine. My only tip would be for your dh not to reheat whole bags of breast milk in one go. Sometimes my dd will have 6oz or more in one hit,other times she just wants a small snack! My mum and mil have ended up pouring quite a lot down the sink. I know there's always more, but it takes time to express. My dd is a little chunky monkey (75th percentile since birth) so you'd think she always takes a substantial amount but it's not always the case. It sounds like your doing a great job, try not to worry too much. I know that's easier said than done x

Shelley54 · 21/11/2018 08:45

DS2 is 6m old and still feeds whenever and wherever. If in doubt put him on boob. Why would you need a schedule or a set number?

I think it’s from bottle feeding where babies take the same amount in most feeds and so last a similar amount of time between each feed. Breastfeeding is nothing like that.

FiresideTreats · 22/11/2018 03:34

Sounds completely normal. Breastfeeding isn't just about the milk - it's very comforting so perfect to soothe, cure hiccups, stop a meltdown. I did exactly as you did and offered the breast for anything and everything!

You don't need a schedule this early on, that will come naturally with time. Once your baby gets older and nosier in the world it'll all change again. And your DH will find his own way to comfort him, don't worry.

an1997 · 22/11/2018 03:51

Totally normal! You're doing everything right, breastfeeding is not just for food there's lots of different benefits x

Stellarbella · 22/11/2018 12:04

Great, thanks all! You’ve made me feel very confident about carrying on BFing once I’m back at work x

OP posts:
LipstickTraces · 22/11/2018 20:01

My twins BF whenever the fancy takes them. I don’t think it’s advised to BF to a schedule anyway as it can affect supply?

As a pp said, BF isn't just about food. Keep doing what you’re doingSmile

Wingingeverything · 27/11/2018 11:15

No schedule here! My little one just feeds when he wants(which sometimes feels like all the time 😄). Sounds like you are doing great!x

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