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How often does your one year old breastfeed?

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EveMoneypenny · 26/10/2018 13:22

DS2 turned one last week. He feeds early morning, mid morning, mid afternoon and bedtime. He doesn't feed at all overnight. I was just wondering is this more than average during the day? He doesn't really ask for it - I'm just used to offering it at those times and he accepts. DS1 was formula fed and was only having a beaker of cow's milk at breakfast and bedtime by this stage, but he was enormous, in both height and weight. DS2 is top of the charts for height, but only around 75th - 91st centile for weight (he was born on the 75th centile so it's probably just his natural weight).

He eats good meals but doesn't really snack - the mid morning and mid afternoon feeds are instead of a snack. Should I be replacing these feeds with a drink and a snack?

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JiltedJohnsJulie · 27/10/2018 07:51

It’s entirely upto you. With DC1 I was a bit obsessed with reducing the daytime feeds, the result was he woke forcfeeds in the night. I wish I’d been more sensible and fed more in the day. If he’s not asking for it, you could always try dropping one feed and offering a snack instead.

DC2 just fed 24/7 Hmm

ethelfleda · 27/10/2018 13:46

I’m honking of trying to cut out day time feeds for my 1 year old: he has one before bed - about 2 or 3 in the night and 1 in the morning - and then can have another couple during the day as well!

ethelfleda · 27/10/2018 13:46

*thinking Hmm

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