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How to increase calories for 1 year old?

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cedartree12 · 08/10/2018 06:46

DS was born on the 50th centile for weight. From 6 months he has been dropping centiles (but gaining for height, not sure if that is relevant). Now at 1 year, he is on the 10th. His pediatrician has said that I need to increase his calories. She has prescribed a nutritional supplement but it is very expensive and I would rather not use it long term. Does anyone have any ideas of how to get more calories into him? He is very active so I think burns off a lot. This is what he eats on an average day:

6:00 am - breastfeed
7:45 - A large portion of porridge with yoghurt and prunes
10:30 - Scotch pancake with peanut butter
12:30 - Pasta with a mixed vegetable and lentil sauce and cheese. Passion fruit.
3:00 pm - breastfeed. Banana muffin (fairy cake size)
5:30 - half a small fillet of fish fried in butter, cous cous with apricot, peas and sweetcorn. Mini banana.
6:45 breastfeed.

I think he eats a lot, but he's my first DC so maybe I don't have any idea? Are there any foods that are really calorie dense? A friend advised adding sugar to everything but I don't want DS to develop a sweet tooth and it can't be good for his teeth anyway. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Dobbythesockelf · 08/10/2018 06:56

Seems like a decent amount tbh. Have you thought of adding something in before bed along with the breastfeed like a slice of toast etc. Does he eat eggs? Is the porridge etc made with full fat milk? You could try adding things like cream to sauces and the porridge to make them more calorie dense. What else has the pead said?

boatrace30 · 08/10/2018 06:58

Definitely don't add sugar! Assume all the dairy you are using is full fat? If not ensure it is and maybe add a bit of cream to his porridge and anything else appropriate.
But to me it sounds like he is eating well. Can you up his breastfeeds a little as milk is calorie dense?

I had a few friends whose babies were 90th-98th centile and then dropped to 50th when they became mobile and burned more calories, but because they were higher up the charts no one seemed to care. Could your DC just be dropping to their natural weight?

2pointfourmonkeys · 08/10/2018 07:03

Like pp said, dont add sugar! But get your extra calories from fat. Cream in porridge. Butter in couscous, oil in pasta. Mashed potato with butter and cheese. x

newmumwithquestions · 08/10/2018 07:04

Agree with pp...don’t add sugar.
Sounds like he’s got a good healthy diet.

As pp said use full fat versions of everything.
Maybe add a bit more peanut butter (the meridian one has no added anything if you’re not using it already), cheese and meat in there - lentils are great but quite low in calories.
Add avocados as a veg - really healthy but high in calories.

cedartree12 · 08/10/2018 07:07

Thanks Dobby, I had not thought of adding another snack in before bed. Adding cream is also a good idea. He's not keen on eggs unfortunately but I will keep trying with those. Paed is otherwise happy with him, it's just his weight. He's gone from 50th to nearly 90th centile for height!

boatrace both DH and I are tall and slim so I think that DS will be too. We both also have high metabolisms. All dairy is full fat. Interesting about the babies dropping centiles when they were active. DS was born 10 days early so if he had gone to his due date, he probably would be in the same boat as the babies you mention.

OP posts:
InDubiousBattle · 08/10/2018 07:07

What sort of portions is he having op?

boatrace30 · 08/10/2018 07:13

I'd be slightly wary of adding a bedtime snack in case it reduces his milk feed as he'll gain more calories from that.

Andtheresaw · 08/10/2018 07:14

Are you in the UK OP?
Your DS clearly has a mature palate for his age and you are giving him a great variety. Is he eating it all?

Andtheresaw · 08/10/2018 07:15

For your own peace of mind try counting the calories in what he actually eats (not just what you are giving him IYSWIM). If it is more than enough then try not to worry. He's just finding his natural build.

cedartree12 · 08/10/2018 07:37

InDubious I think that he is having quite large portions.
Andtheresaw No we are not in the UK. Generally he eats it all although some of the veg sometimes gets chucked on the floor!

Thanks all, some good ideas and reassurance!

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