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Stopping breastfeeding my 21 month old

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Supercala123 · 01/10/2018 15:56

My 21 month old son can only be described as a boob monster. Insists on it multiple times a day and through the night. I’m exhausted. He also turns the whole affair into acrobatics often ending up upside down etc.
We had loads of problems at the beginning so I’m proud of what’s been achieved with our breastfeeding journey but I think I’m ready to stop.
I have no idea how though and the thought terrifies me. He screams bloody murder if I refuse him or tell him not until bedtime. If his dad goes in in the night all hell breaks loose. Can anyone offer some friendly/ gentle advice? Thankyou x

OP posts:
YellowStickies · 01/10/2018 16:28

I think at that age they are old enough for nursing manners. I started out by tackling the acrobatics and tantrums and insisted that we only feed in a quiet and "boring" places. Nothing going on, no tv, etc. The tantrums can be soul destroying but I was amazed how quickly they passed once they became familiar with the rules. After that I found feeding times naturally shortened and began to get further and further apart. We are almost day weaned now... next I'm moving on to nights. Dreading it!

Jent13c · 01/10/2018 16:48

I weaned (mostly him with a little encouragement) at 17 months. My son was a constant feeder from day one so I couldn’t really drop a feed at a time. We had a really really busy day with his cousins so he was busy running about the whole day and didn’t feed. He had his first sleepover at Grandma’s that night and she offered a bottle during the night. The next day we were super busy again and out and about the whole day so he didn’t ask to feed at all. That night he woke up his usual 4 times and I gave him juice and his dummy and a cuddle and he settled so much easier than I thought he ever would (just for info I cosleep). He never asked for more milk since and has slept through ever since.

Good luck! I think you just know when it’s time to stop. I think the new advice is to express for comfort but I didn’t bother. I was in agony but by a week later milk was all gone.

123bananas · 01/10/2018 16:57

Tackle the day feeds first. Go out lots. Plan snacks that will be filling for key feeding times. Put him in the buggy and have a walk when tired to break the sleep breast link. Wear several tops that restrict access.

Nights are harder. Drop the bedtime feed last, stop him falling asleep on the boob before you stop that feed so he has a different bedtime routine. You can try giving something like porridge before bedtime or a milky drink once you reach that stage.

For the middle of the night feeds pick a time when his dad can help. Dad to go in and offer water only. He will scream. Ear plugs help. It will stop once he realises it is not on offer then.

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