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Extremely Long feeds - bf

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whatamigoingtodo87 · 24/09/2018 05:16

My lb is 6weeks old today. Right from day 1 we've had quite a few problems breastfeeding and he is currently on top-ups of formula.

He had tongue tie which then reattached and has now been cut again so feeding is better however feeds are still extremely long I.e. 2+ hours and no sign of stopping. I don't obviously let him feed for that long as I'm concerned he would use too much energy and lose weight.

I'm due to go to see my La Leche League team on Tuesday and see an IBCLC consultant to get latch and everything else checked.

I am pumping, taking fenugreek, blessed milk thistle, placenta capsules, drinking plenty, eating lactation cookies, swapping sides when he is sleepy, etc. I have been doing this for weeks with no real significant increase in milk supply. I know it takes time but I was expecting to see some results by now.

Anybody else ever been in this situation? I'm really wanting to ebf and avoid formula if possible.

OP posts:
LusaCole · 24/09/2018 05:25

How is his weight gain, OP?

Assuming he's gaining weight ok, long feeds don't necessarily indicate a problem with your supply or his latch. It could just be that you have a "sucky" baby who enjoys the feeling of comfort at the breast. Have you tried offering a dummy instead?

The LLL are fab - hopefully they can help you.

JiltedJohnsJulie · 24/09/2018 17:59

Agree that long feeds are necessarilyvan indicator of a low supply. How’s his weight gain? Is he bright and alert at times? Is he meeting his milestones? There’s some information here where you can see if baby is getting enough from you. Have you been asked to do Breast Compressions by anyone? They might encourage LO to feed more. Lip tie won’t necessarily affect feeding but it might be worth getting that checked too. Sorry for the lack of paragraphs. @mnhq seen to have a bit of a ban on them at the min HmmSmile

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