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7 month old has added a night feed!

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thingymaboob · 31/08/2018 09:02

Hi. My LO has added in a night feed (bf) since the start of weaning. She was always an awful sleeper until 5 months when she started sleeping 8pm - 7am with one wake up for a feed around 3-4am. Now she's waking at midnight for a feed and again at 4am. Why has she added a feed? Is this normal? She's weaning well and having 3 small baby meals a day and I'm offering her the breast a lot (which she's not that interested in during the day). Anyone else? I'm knackered!

OP posts:
Seeline · 31/08/2018 09:14

My DD went back to 2 hourly feeds at 8 months - nearly finished me! She wouldn't take a bottle, and weaning was a disaster. I think it was a growth spurt, and did settle again after a bit, but it was a killer.

JiltedJohnsJulie · 31/08/2018 13:39

Could she be having too much solids in the day and need to catch up on calories at night?

I’d try going back to offering solids just twice a day OP and see if that helps. Maybe have your dinner after she’s gone to bed tonight. Smile

DitchingTheDye · 31/08/2018 16:10

The biggest sleep regression hits around 8 months. It's probably developmental and not related to milk/solids/calories... sorry!

DitchingTheDye · 31/08/2018 16:13

Hopefully you can see this ok, screen grab of an already bad picture.

7 month old has added a night feed!
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