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Breastfeeding / back to work / getting married / going on honeymoon - help!

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123456kent · 27/08/2018 23:43

My baby is 10 months old. We had an unsuccessful period of combination feeding at the beginning, but gave up on formula very early on when it was clear she didn’t like it / refused it / took extremely small amounts. I’ve loved breastfeeding her, and still do.

Every now and again I (or someone else looking after her) give her a bottle of cows milk. She’ll either refuse completely or take 2-3oz.

She has 4 breastfeeds from me per day, morning, mid morning, mid afternoon, bedtime.

I’m worried at how she/I will surive with me back at work, long hours, 3 days per week in October - can I carry on breastfeeding? If so, how?

I’m also getting married in December and don’t want to be getting in and out of my dress to feed.

AND I am going away for 4 days in Jan for honeymoon.

Part of me wants us to end breastfeeding asap. Freedom, and to alleviate worries re the above.

Part of me is absolutely terrified to stop - it’s my miracle milk, it fixes everything, I love it, how will she survive when she is not into cows milk at all, my skin is clear, my mood is great, she settles/sleeps beautifully with it.

I don’t want to be feeding her as a ‘toddler’ if I’m honest. I only planned to feed for 6 weeks and at the beginning I didn’t think I would make it to a month.

Please could I have some stories/ideas/help on this one. If I do stop will my mood be awful and skin terrible - not things I need just before a wedding!

OP posts:
DitchingTheDye · 28/08/2018 09:57

You can feed on demand around work no problems, your breasts will adjust relatively quickly without the need to pump. On the days you are away from the child they will be fine but you will probably need to express for some relief and to avoid blockages. Cow's milk is not recommended as a drink before 1yr but if it's only the odd time I don't see the problem.

JiltedJohnsJulie · 28/08/2018 19:26

I went back to work part time at this age and fed the DC morning, on pick up and bed time. They were fine. Like Ditching says, your body will just adjust.

If you’re worried about your wedding day and the Honeymoon (not sure if she’s going with you?) you could start by dropping your mid-morning feed and offering a snack and drink instead. Between 2 weeks and a month later, drop the mid afternoon feed and again offer a snack and drink. You’ll then be feeding just twice a day which should be ok for your wedding day. If you do decide to stop completely, I’d personally wait until she’s 12 months as it’s such s faff introducing formula only to stop again at 12 months.

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