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Pickles31 · 22/08/2018 10:49

Hi, I’m 7 months pregnant and still unsure whether to b feed or bottle feed. I would like to try to b feed but then would like to do bottles also, is it an easy thing to to both or is it best to stick to one or the other?

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DitchingTheDye · 22/08/2018 14:04

It's completely up to you, there are many many combi feeders out there. A few things to google would be the "formula trap" for information on protecting your milk supply and "paced bottle feeding" so your baby doesn't get a preference for the fast flow of the bottle over breast. Breast feeding can be very intense for the first few weeks but then gets significantly easier.

RollyMollyPolly · 22/08/2018 14:25

You will have to see how it goes once baby arrives. I was dead set on bf but in reality had to combi feed for a couple of months incl expressing. I found ff and expressing too much of hassle and was glad to be able to excl bf afterward. On the other hand I know of some mothers who prefers ff or even excl expressing, so it seems everyone's different.

badhairdays · 22/08/2018 15:54

I would say if you want to bf just try that for the first few weeks as it works on a supply and demand basis. As PP mentioned if you mix from the start you might not make as much milk as your baby would like and cause baby to have a preference for bottle. Also in most cases bf at the start can be hard. Unless your lucky babies don't always latch well causing sore nipples, also cluster feeding etc. Try and attend s breastfeeding class as this helped me massively. They show you how to help baby learn to latch and discuss how it all works.
Also see if there is any support groups in your area I found them very helpful.

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