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12 w.o. - big change in morning feed timing

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saveupallthedays · 07/08/2018 01:18

My dear 12 wo son was on a very regular 3 hour eat sleep play schedule during the day until about a week ago. He is now intermittently delaying a feed once or twice a day, especially in the morning. Two days ago, he fed three times in the night, then went 6 hours with nothing between 6am to midday. Today he fed around 3:30am, then refused his 7am feed and only fed after a nap at around 9:50am. After a longer period between feeds, he often goes back to 3 hourly feeds during the day, so it's different to when he went from 2hrly feeds to 3hrly feeds (I don't think he's yet transitioning to 4 hrly feeds).

He is behaviourally doing well (except when I keep putting a nipple into his mouth despite initial refusal), not sick (checked by the GP yesterday).

Have you had something similar happen? It's a bit jarring for me to go from a fairly predictable pattern to having no sense of when to feed, play etc.


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SweepTheHalls · 07/08/2018 09:50

That's what they do! As soon as you have figured out a routine, it shifts! I found the EASY routine helpful... Not to focus so much on timings, but more that things happen in a predictable sequence if that helps.

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