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Follow on milk before 6 months?

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coffeeforone · 01/08/2018 08:38

My baby is due end of next month and I intend to FF. A friend of mine has given me 6 tubs of follow on milk with an expiry date of April 2019. Depending on delivery date i probably won't get though all of this after the 6 month mark, and I won't want to give it too near to the expiry anyway.

I understand there is very little difference between follow-on and first milk except some added iron, so wondering if it is dangerous to give the follow-on at around 3 or 4 months (when some people wean anyway), or would you discard it?

I'm also assuming baby will take to the same brand of first milk, which I'm only buying a couple of tubs of initially as, although I had no problems giving it to DS1, they have recently changed the ingredients and there have been some worrying reports.

OP posts:
dementedpixie · 01/08/2018 09:12

No don't give it before 6months. The sodium and sugar levels may also differ.

coffeeforone · 01/08/2018 09:18

Thanks - been thinking I could donate it to a local food bank if they will take it.

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QueenAravisOfArchenland · 01/08/2018 09:21

The iron can be very constipating. I wouldn't.

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