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BF and struggling with no gluten, dairy or soya

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Raydan · 26/07/2018 21:30

I really just need to express how this is getting me down and see if anyone has had a similar experience.

We've had very significant and unexpected health issues with my DS. I was forced to only express while spending a month in hospital, then formula was pretty much forced on us. The day after we were discharged my DS starred experiencing severe stomach issues and after three trips to A&E was diagnosed with a cow's milk allergy. He's subsequently been diagnosed with a soya allergy too. With much difficulty I clawed back my supply and continued breastfeeding. I was diagnosed coeliac 20 years ago so am now gluten, dairy and soya free...

I've made the decision to kerky BF because the dietician has told me that doing so gives my DS the best chance of outgrowing the allergy and it's the best for his health overall. I know it's trivial but it's all just starting to get me down. My DS is a bad sleeper and has reflux on top of the health issues and allergies and it's all just a bit wearing.

I just want a Cadbury caramel bar and some cheese on toast!!Sad Hmm Anyone else who has/is dealing with a very restricted diet?

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Raydan · 26/07/2018 21:32

Typo sorry...
*decision to keep BF

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randomsabreuse · 26/07/2018 21:47

My DD reacted to me eating Dairy Eggs and Soya when I was BFing.

Cooking from scratch - most of our staples were amendable without too much pain - fish sauce rather than soy sauce for Chinese type meals. Coconut milk in curries instead of dairy. There are some coconut based vegan cream/yoghurt/ice cream type things. Oatly do a creme fraiche substitute. My favourite cereal solution was Dark Chocolate Almond Milk which was quite hard to let go of when I stopped NF after a year. Not a tea/coffee drinker so never looked for a sub there.

Moo Free has dairy free milk chocolate that's ok tasting but I tended to go for dark. Avoiding Soya lethecins was a pig with chocolate but Sainsbury's and Tesco 75% dark was ok, some of the poncier brands like Montezuma were ok for some of their flavoured chocolate options.

Flora pure olive oil spread worked on bread, or go all continental and have olive oil/vinegar (often do that still even tough I don't have to) hummous, taramasalata, Baba Ganoush (eastern med/north african type dips) might disguise GF bread if it needs it to.

Paleo blogger types might have some tasty ideas - vegan cookery was a good source of ideas for me (to which I obviously added meat as an inverterate carnivore)

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