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What formula do you use?

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meow1989 · 24/07/2018 13:26

Hi all,

My little boy is nearly 5 weeks old and due to recurrent mastitis and him being probably the hungriest baby in the world (!) we've made the transition from breast to formula (with a bottle of expressed milk in the evening for however long my supply will last).

So far he's been having the ready made Aptamil which he's been getting on with fine but we'll soon be transitioning to the powder (with readymade when out or at night) and wondered what milk everyone's baby is on.

I'm reluctant to go onto Aptamil powder with recent press, also the hv told me they've changed the formulation from 60:40 to 50:50 casino and whey so it's less like breast milk. Also the cost is a consideration!

Has anyone tried the Lidl or Aldi own brands? Not sure what to do about the ready made if we go into those powders.

I'm planning to introduce a bottle a day of the powder to start with for a gentle transition.

OP posts:
poppyseeds12 · 24/07/2018 15:18

Hi Op,
We're on HiPP Organic after issues with Aptamil causing diarrhoea. We actually thought she had CMPA and removed all dairy only to discover by chance (let's just try a different brand and we did) to my relief she's been brilliant no issues. Anyway HiPP can be found in Asda, Morrison's and Superdrug both powder /readymade plus readymade / powder online from HiPP directly. They do both 90ml bottles and 200 mls, though sounds like your LO would appreciate the larger bottles when out☺️ x

Pinkgeorge · 24/07/2018 15:20

Cow and gate for my two. Had no problems

WooYa · 24/07/2018 15:22

I used Aldi Mamia milk for 12 weeks until we found out DS was lactose intolerant and I swapped to SMA Lactofree. I also know a few people who have used Aldi milk and have had no problems with it.

kikibo · 24/07/2018 15:26

Another vote for Hipp organic. No issues. DD (now 11 months) had ready-made Beba in hospital when she was born, but we'd bought Hipp before, so we switched. No issues with either.

mommybear1 · 24/07/2018 15:34

Another HIPP vote here they do a Hungry baby formula which may suit your LO

moose234 · 24/07/2018 16:20

A vote for Aldi, I have a 5 week old, she was on apatmil but changed to aldi, it's a lot better! It's half the price and mixes a lot better than apatmil!

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