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How to wean off pumping

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Tirednewmum30 · 23/07/2018 08:13


Looking for some advice. I have been exclusively pumping breast milk but now it's come to stopping I am struggling! I was pumping about 12-14 times a day- every hour to two hours. Over the last couple of days I have tried to go a bit longer between pumping- every 2-3 hours and only pumping for 5 mins per time, but it's so uncomfortable!! I am very susceptible to blocked ducts and mastitis and my breasts are feeling very hard/lumpy today. I've been using cold compresses but still painful.

Feel like I'm going to be pumping forever (which I know isn't going to happen but I don't know how i can stop!!)

Does anyone know how to successfully stop pumping? Am I doing it right by gradually increasing time between pumps and reducing pumping time? How long will it take for milk supply to dry up?

Thanks to anyone that can help!!

OP posts:
chickenchip · 23/07/2018 20:19

I can't help but I'm bumping the post ad I'd be interested too!

bourbonbiccy · 23/07/2018 20:51

I am in the process of doing the same. I decided I would stop on my DS 1st birthday. So I have been doing exactly the same which is leaving it longer and longer between pumping. It is 3 weeks on and only pumping twice a day nearly reducing to once, as soon as i started to cut the night time pumping or give them a longer gap that seemed to have more of an effect.
It did get uncomfortable and get a bit lumpy, however I would be very careful if I were you and you are prone to Mistitis maybe check in with the doc so you don't get into any difficulty.
But I can finally see the light at the end if the tunnel, and can't wait to stop now . I hope it all gives well for you, good luck xx

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