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Giving bf baby bottle of expressed milk. Advice, positive stories please!

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Mammmoo · 20/07/2018 10:04

Dc1 was a staunch bottle refuser and caused many issues/cost us a fortune in bottles. In the end i gave up and directly bf until a year.
Dc2 is 6 weeks, was bottle/cup fed expressed milk until 2 weeks due to jaundice and losing weight. Now bf is established and going really wellSmile. I would really like to now start giving the odd bottle of expressed milk to allow me a few extra hours of sleep, to go to the gym or to go and get my roots done - selfish reasons I know but for my sanity as much as anything. I love bf and want to carry on for a year.
We were going to attempt a bottle this weekend but now I'm losing hope my nerve. What if she doesn't want to bf afterwards? Is it too early? We waited until 4 months with dc1 and I think that was too late.
So basically I want opinions, stories, advice...anything. As it stands currently I think my fear of being rejected along with very recent memories of how difficult establishing bf was are leaning me towards not doing it.

OP posts:
SnuggyBuggy · 20/07/2018 20:09

My DD had 24 hours of bottle feeding in NICU after she was born and when I took her back postnatal she was still willing to latch. I thought I'd missed my opportunity to breastfeed her.

She will attempt to latch on to virtually anything to be honest.

Sarahani · 20/07/2018 20:51

6 weeks is fine. The odd bottle shouldn't effect things

museumum · 20/07/2018 20:55

My ds had regular bottles of ebm from birth due to tt. Didn’t adversely effect bfing but the wee bugger decided to refuse all bottles at around 3mo anyway 🙄
I ended up having to train him into cup feeding at 6mo.

Basically I reckon they’ll do what they do and we have very little control. Do whatever suits you now and then roll with it.

user1493413286 · 20/07/2018 20:58

I started giving DD a bottle a day at 6 weeks and it felt like the perfect time; breastfeeding was well established so it didn’t effect that and she took the bottle no problem. When she was about 4 months I was doing half and half and she was also fine with that. I was told though that when you give a bottle you need to do it relatively regularly as if you wait a month or few weeks between them then they may start to refuse

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