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Almost 6 week old suddenly feeding much quicker

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Spoonspanner · 19/07/2018 09:38

My dc is almost 6 weeks and had been feeding for anything from 10-30mins (but nearer 30) Sometimes 1 boob but usually mainly on one and a bit on the other. She feeds on demand every 2-3 hours in the day and every 3-4 at night with a cluster feed roughly 5-9pm.

Yesterday and today each feed has been more like 5-10mins. She’s actively swallowing and spitting up some milk so she’s getting some but I seem to be spending a lot less time nursing! Is this normal? Is she suddenly more efficient? She also stopped clustering at 7 yesterday but still slept the same. She seems her normal self and is pooing and weeing.

I think I’m overthinking!

OP posts:
MrsSnootyPants2018 · 19/07/2018 09:49

It sounds like she's settling into feeding. My formula DD did the same. You do sound concerned though so pop what you've written in a message to your HV and see what they say.

RideOn · 19/07/2018 09:53

I remember this too but there did seem to be an increase in the number of feeds, even though they were short.
What concerned me was my breasts stopped feeling “full” and even before a feed felt half empty!
However the short feeds was short lived and the full feeling stayed away from around 6-8 weeks with all 4 DCs.

RideOn · 19/07/2018 09:55

It was put down to a “growth spurt” but the health visitor seemed to use that term a lot!

mikado1 · 19/07/2018 09:57

Yes I found that to be the case especially with ds1. I remember gp (v experienced and bf 5 of her own) said they had read 8 mins of efficient feeding gives all they need. And the beauty is, they'll just ask for more if they need it :) My D's webt from 45m on one side to maybe 10m both sides by 6 weeks, fabulous weight gain. Now it starts getting easy!

Mookatron · 19/07/2018 09:58

I think breast feeding is established! Well done. But like Mrs Snooty Pants says, if you're worried see the HV. Sounds fine - great - to me though!

SpaceDinosaur · 19/07/2018 10:05

Sounds totally perfect!

Baby's feeding more efficiently now! Don't worry if your boobs feel a bit empty too, they're just settling and you won't get bowling balls again unless baby misses a feed Grin

Same old advice... just keep an "eye" on wet nappies and weight gain. Don't forget that some exclusively BF babies can go without a bowel movement for up to 14 days. If baby has formula then this should never be the case however.

Enjoy having a little bit more time!!!

Oh and the clusterfeeding stopping? Enjoy! It'll start again before the next growth spurt!!!

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