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Breastfeeding, going back to work, can't express, advice?

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Alexandra07 · 13/07/2018 21:51

Hi ladies!

I would like to hear other people's experiences that have been in a similar situation to mine.

I will go back to work in September, full time, 5 days, 7.30-17.00.
My dd is ebf and has started solids, 3 meals with varying appetite each time. She will be 9 months in September.
I would like to continue breast feeding but I can't express at work.
At the monent she has around 6 feeds in 24 hours, 1 morning, 1 evening, 1-2 during the night and 2-3 during the day.
I can't cosleep with her so I am afraid of reverse nursing.

Has anyone managed to go back to work without introducing formula?
Any advice on cutting down feeds gradually so by September she won't expect milk from me during the day? (since I won't be able to give her any once back to work)
Any tips on increasing solids so she will ask for less milk? We do blw, I do try purees from time to time but she is not interested.

thank you in advance!

OP posts:
PotteringAlong · 13/07/2018 21:54

Me! Mine just had water in the day and then I fed them in the evening (I went back at 9 months / 12 months / 10 months) and before work. Be prepared for a bit of reverse cycling and lots of feeding overnight!

I never expressed at work and my supply just adjusted. I still fed them in the day at weekends / when I wasn’t at work and fed the first 2 for 18 months and am still breastfeeding number 3 at 17 months.

museumum · 13/07/2018 21:54

I did this. Bottle refuser so formula not an option. I fed on demand up till the day before I started work but then did only morning, pick up (in Nursery before the journey home) and bedtime. For first two months middle of the night too.

Was all fine. Ds thrived. Ate well and got into cups earlier than most. At 1yr it was great not to have to worry about trying to ditch bottles.

milkjetmum · 13/07/2018 21:58

Yes it is possible. Any reason why you want to avoid formula? Mixed feeding is possible eg formula during working hours, bf rest of the time.

My dd2 was a bottle refuser so couldn't get milk in her anyway when I was away! and I just didn't want to pump at work. Went back when she was 8 months full time.

Basically made sure to introduce lots of milky/wet foods like yogurt, cream cheese, melon at meals and offered sippy cup with formula or water. Gradually stopped offering day time feeds and all went fine.

Dd2 did have a massive feed when I got home, but nights were unchanged. Good luck!

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