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9 months into bfing, recurring pain on one side

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User24689 · 13/07/2018 15:21

Hi all, I have been breastfeeding my DS for 9 months and all has gone well so far. DS saw a physio for a while because his head would not turn comfortably to the left - we resolved this with exercises by aboit 6 months but it meant he had a preferred side and always fed to sleep on the right boob. This meant longer feeds on that side and I ended up with a 'superboob' that seemed to produce more, meaning he got more milk from that side, and so the cycle continued.

Anyway the past month or so I have woken up several times with a really painful right breast. Very firm and really tender and red, mottled skin. Feeding is so painful, like a needle in my nipple, but ultimately the only thing that relieves it. Still it usually lasts a couple of days then comes back. I've got it again tonight and it is so sore I've had to take painkillers to go to sleep.

Why might this be happening now and how can I prevent it? He hasn't reduced his night feeds (I wish!) But has massively upped his solids so I guess he could be taking less at each feed? Thanks!

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JiltedJohnsJulie · 14/07/2018 09:13

Honestly, I don’t know. I’d give one if the Bfing Helplines a call this morning. They should be able to give sone suggestions Smile

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