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Weaning 6 mo dropped a feed

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crumble9 · 04/07/2018 19:23

We've started weaning over the last week/ ten days, and now three days a row DD has had one less feed in the middle of the day.

She's about to turn 6 months, so slightly early, but she was showing all the signs and DH is off this week so we can spend proper time introducing foods and making it fun.

I wasn't expecting her to drop one so quickly and in this heat I'm worried about making sure she's hydrated.

Today for example -

(Slept until 7am, normally sleeps until 6 though)
7:30 7 oz milk

8am couple of table spoons of baby porridge

30 min nap

10:45 pm 7 oz milk

1:30 pm 4 oz milk

1hr 50 nap

4:45 pm 7 oz milk

5:30 pm couple of table spoons of food

Went down for the night just after 6pm (day naps are all over due to the heat, normally sleeps at 7, so last milk at 5:30 and food about 6, but DD sleeps 11/12 hours every night straight through)

Everything I can find talks about reducing milk feeds nearer 9 month, but she's just played with the bottles and not interested if we try to give her another.

Should I keep trying with the milk? Or do I start offering water?


OP posts:
Bobbiepin · 04/07/2018 19:28

I would suggest you offer water with food as it's a good habit to get into but otherwise go with what she tells you. There isn't much time between milk feeds so maybe try offering more but spaced either out. For example DD was having 4 6oz bottles during the day but has recently dropped to 3 7oz bottles. I took her lead on this as there were times I couldn't give her milk at the usual time and she wasn't bothered by it. She is a bit older than your DD so I wouldn't follow that exactly.

It's also worth taking the heat into consideration, it does play with their consumption sometimes. You might find on cooler days she wants more milk again.

Bobbiepin · 04/07/2018 19:30

Sorry, spaced futher out

crumble9 · 04/07/2018 19:35

Thanks for the quick response!

Yeah we normally have longer between feeds but because she slept late today and went down early it's been 2 hours shorter for the day.

We generally follow her lead so I think we will just go with it for now, but bear in mind she might start wanting it again. I hadn't considered the heat may have an impact on her feeding too

I'm just nervous of dehydration in this weather! Will give water a try tomorrow and she what she makes of it ...

OP posts:
Bobbiepin · 04/07/2018 19:39

If she's sleeping she isn't hungry so don't feel like you must get the same volume of milk down her.

Give water a go but don't expect too much. My DD used to spit it out for over a month before she actually drank any (fussy girl!) Try different cups/bottles until you find one she likes although it might be worth starting with her regular bottle.

Zephyrsinskyatnight · 04/07/2018 23:07

Ive not long started weaning. My 6m.old is on 4x8oz (high centile).

I actually found he seems to sip water well at mealtimes. I bought a few bright sippy cups all the same. I think the eating and heat has made him a bit thirstier.

Zephyrsinskyatnight · 04/07/2018 23:08

Meant to add he just dropped 5th bottle which were all 7oz so we upped the remaining 4 to 8oz.

StruggsToFunc · 05/07/2018 07:04

Offer water and maybe some lollies made from water, milk, or very diluted juice.

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