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If you're still breastfeeding your 15 month old...

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Intheprimeoflime · 23/06/2018 16:47

How often are you feeding?

My son is still breastfeeding at 15m and he still feeds aaaaaall the time! When he wakes up, after breakfast, to have a nap, after lunch, afternoon nap, after tea and feeds to sleep at night.

So here I am, should i try and cut down? Leave him to it? Is it best to give growing up formula or cow's milk as an alternative? In a lot of ways I'm happy to carry on, i went through absolute HELL establishing bfing and i don't want to give up now lol.

He eats all the time as well by the way, big meals plus snacks etc. I'm not worried about it per se but i would just like to see how others are getting on at this stage and if i should change anything??

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NameChange30 · 23/06/2018 16:50

My son is 15 months old too. I was worrying a bit about this, and this article reassured me:

Fwiw I don’t feed my son between bedtime and about 5am (we went cold turkey on the night feeds several months ago) but he still breastfeeds morning, evening and during the day when he’s with me (I work part time and he used to have a bottle while I was working but has stopped that now, he just has food and water in the day).

Waddlelikeapenguin · 23/06/2018 16:51

I've fed three to well past that age & yep totally normal in my experience. The toddlers bf like newborns thing is real!
If you are both happy dont change it. Why would you put time & energy into changing something that is good for both of you?

Mothering your nursing toddler is a good book Smile

Intheprimeoflime · 23/06/2018 16:55

Why would you put time & energy into changing something that is good for both of you?

My thoughts exactly to be honest!

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Intheprimeoflime · 23/06/2018 16:56

Luckily i work from home which is why I'm still able to feed as and when

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Jellylegsni · 23/06/2018 17:05

My dd is older now but I bf her at that age and beyond. She bf like a newborn at that age, and it really stressed me out but when I realised it was actually worrying that she bf too much/worrying I was doing something wrong, rather than the actual bfing that bothered me I kind of relaxed and she eventually did reduce on her own. My dd was drinking cows milk at that age too. She definitely preferred breast milk but she would drink cows milk too which was handy if I wanted a break or if I couldn't breastfeed for some reason.

Waddlelikeapenguin · 23/06/2018 17:21

I liked to read this article when i had toddler bf anxiety - our anxiety is due to society not biology! It's an old article as my eldest is 10 now!

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