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To wean at 1?

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wannabehack · 17/06/2018 08:08

I've been super fortunate to have had a really straightforward time breastfeeding both my kids. Not easy. Butt straightforward. I fed my eldest till she was 15/16 months when she weaned due to my pregnancy. My youngest is now coming up to 1 and, if I'm totally honest, I think I'm ready to be done. But I have this major internal struggle about them both having it for the same amount of time. Is this daft? I don't think those extra few months will make a huge difference but I keep second guessing myself. I'm also scared if we do decide to wean at around 1 I'm going to regret it. I'm really quite ready to take ownership back of my body though. Any advice?

OP posts:
JiltedJohnsJulie · 17/06/2018 15:16

The extra few months are beneficial but you don’t need to justify finishing BFing. If you want to stop, I’d recommend talking through how feel about this with a BFC on one of the BFing Helplines. She will also be able to help you to come up with a plan that will reduce your risk of Mastitis Smile

arbrighton · 18/06/2018 12:51

If you do it gradually, one feed at a time over a month or two, if it doesn't feel right, you can always continue.

I'm kind of in the same headspace about being ready to stop but trying to work towards gentle night weaning as the two feeds in the day is manageable

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