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8 week old going longer between feeds

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amysaurus87 · 13/06/2018 03:31

I'm probably about to ask the dumbest question ever but should I be worried that my little one has started to go a lot longer between feeds at night?

His last feed was around 8pm, he didn't go to sleep until 11ish he's just had a feed but I think that's mainly because I disturbed him enough to feed him, as I was feeling very full (He's breastfed)

He's gaining weight very well and nappies are good, lots of wet and 1 dirty nappy a day.

I know I should enjoy the sleep while it lasts but I can't help but think an 8 week old should not be going 7 hours without a feed or is this OK?

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INeedNewShoes · 13/06/2018 03:42

He's gaining weight very well and nappies are good, lots of wet and 1 dirty nappy a day.

This ^ being the case then yes, it is ok at 8 weeks (in the earlier first 3 weeks or so I think it would be concerning but your DS sounds like he has established feeding well so is sleeping at night because he's settled rather than because he's too tired to feed).

Chocolatecoffeeaddict · 13/06/2018 04:41

My baby started sleeping through at 8 weeks. He's my fourth and my other children were about the same. I set an alarm for me to get up to feed him, but could tell he didn't want it.

RidingMyBike · 13/06/2018 13:45

As long as you're getting the wet and dirty nappies it's fine - enjoy it! Mine stuarted doing 6 hours every night at 6 weeks and then 8 hours by 8 weeks - was 11 hours by five months when I dropped the dream feed. And it was BRILLIANT getting my sleep back Smile

amysaurus87 · 13/06/2018 20:44

Thanks everyone! I just wasn't sure, I'm going to enjoy the extra sleep, Lord knows I need it.

I've brought a breast pump today so if I wake up feeling full and he's not showing any signs of being hungry I can express, and then worst case if he does wake up wanting a feed I can give him that.

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