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Help please - bf baby, reflux and gavisgon

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Ekphrasis · 01/06/2018 19:35

I'm seeing a lact consultant tomorrow to look at feeding etc but we did have this with my first and it nearly killed me.

My 18 day old has been upset and fussy after feeds but if not, he's woken from sleeps very upset.

I think let down is an Issue which I'll ask about tomorrow. We get into a cycle of feed, burp, falls asleep, gets unsettled, feed burp, pace around for half an hour, gets upset, feed burp etc...

First had tt but this one really doesn't seem to.

Is it worth trying baby gavisgon?

Hiccups a lot too it too full it laid down too soon but did do that in utero A Lot.

I do think it's mechanical rather than dairy. Any experience or advice?

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Constantlurker · 01/06/2018 19:41

We tried Gavisgon but it blocked my baby up so badly. She couldn't poop for days and was miserable. We ended up at the paed and he prescribed Carobel (made by cow and gate). You can order it on Amazon as it's not medicated if you want to try it before getting it from a doctor but it was MIRACLE powder. It's just a milk thickener so I put it in her formula but you can also give it before a breastfeed. Didn't give her any constipation and weighed down her formula (which was super thin as it was prescribed due to a CMA.). So very little reflux and no more fountains of vomit.

I don't know if it will help but might be worth a try? Within a couple of days of using it we had a new happy smiling baby. And a much happier mum and dad!

Best of luck. I totally get how shit a time it is, been there done it got the t-shirt!

Ekphrasis · 01/06/2018 19:45

Ok thanks but is it useful with ebf baby?

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Bringcoffee · 01/06/2018 19:47

We had the exact same and are finally passing it at 20weeks (!!).
We had a lovely consultant who hated prescribing Gaviscon and started us straight on ranitidine.
As PP has said carobel is great but a bit of a faff with BF IME.
Forceful Let down caused most of our probs (no TT or CMPA) and I found a great BF support group and block fed until LO was used to the flow at around 12 weeks.

Good luck, I feel for you!

Ekphrasis · 01/06/2018 20:14

I wondered about ranitidine but also worried about it affecting the stomach acid too much. As in they need it to digest! A friend was prescribed it for her daughter. We tried omeprazole with ds and it made his wind worse but he'd had a course of abs around the same time.

I block fed with him in the early days to get us yellow poo. I'll ask the consultant about maybe block feeding or limiting feeds so little and often - there's definitely no weight issues!

How did you find out it was no cma?

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Bringcoffee · 01/06/2018 21:32

It was a massive hassle and upset tbh!
Consultant told me to go dairy free and see if made a difference. However I did a reduction rather than complete elimination as I already have dietary restrictions and would have ended up eating nothing! After a few weeks I just knew it wasn’t making a difference and trying to eat enough to maintain my milk was so difficult. So went back on dairy with no difference. I always knew it wasn’t from my ‘mums instinct’!
Apparently only 4% of BF babies are actually CMPA it just gets diagnosed a bit readily (according to my consultant!)
We’re weaning off ranitidine this month so he’ll only need half dose one we wean him into food next month.
Tbh while ranitidine has helped, I do wonder if it was mainly a ‘flow’ issue with feeding and that’s why it’s settling now he’s bigger rather than solely ranitidine.

tealandteal · 03/06/2018 21:11

I have heard a lot of people don't like infant gaviscon but it has been a life saver for us. DS had silent reflux that didn't appear until 6months, the GP said it was similar to reflux in adults as it was only a problem at night. Our plan was to try is for 2 weeks but we just stuck with it as it made such a difference.

Ekphrasis · 03/06/2018 21:19

Thanks for replies.

I've had a good think and a really good chat with the lact consultant. A barely discernible tt but enough movement so no need for cut, lots of positioning advice and I've re read a load of dr Jack Newman stuff on basic feeding, esp sleepy baby and both sides etc.

We've also had the 3 wk growth spurt going on. Burps are easier at the mo and less fussy. I've been Dithering over dairy but holding fire for now following and dr Jack Newman stuff.

Think I'll see how a week goes before trying anything else, if anything now I think it's the bottom end that's the issue which I think the breast compressions might help.

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butlerswharf · 03/06/2018 21:25

Baby gaviscon had no effect for us but Ranitidine was amazing.

HalfStar · 05/06/2018 11:08

Hiya. Had the same issues here with my almost 13 week old. Still do to a certain extent.

In her case it does seem to be mechanical- ptt snipped at 2 weeks but may or may not have grown back. Have dabbled with gaviscon but can't really see that it makes a difference and never wanted to give too much either.

At 13 weeks now she still has quite a gulpy clicky latch with my fast let down but on the plus side she burps quite well. She feeds much more calmly at night and has done decent stretches from the start TF.

Daytimes: i won't lie, she was super high maintenance for the first 9/10 weeks but seems to be easier now bar the odd screamy day. Her poos are yellow and I'm guided by that on the dairy question. Previous dc had very green poo which was egg allergy and possible dairy sensitivity too. That dc is now 3.5 and been totally totally fine with dairy since about 8 months. I do think sometimes the jump to say CMPI/A is too quick with breastfed babies. No harm in reducing dairy if you can but if you're not convinced I wouldn't eliminate it totally. At least, I found it almost impossible to do so as a raving hungry breastfeeding mother.

Ekphrasis · 05/06/2018 12:37

Thanks Half. Yes I re read Dr Jack Newman on the dairy thing and did see the effect when I followed advice so I don't think it's dairy. I have reduced though in case but last night was better and puke ups are only really when he's stuffed!

My son had (I'm now thinking) quite a bad ptt but also issues dealing with flow etc which went on till he was about 5 mo. I'm starting to see how this wee boy is better able to manage already fingers crossed, and he's only 3 weeks.

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