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Mastitis? Or something else ...growth spurt ?

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Ouchok · 17/05/2018 22:09

My baby is 18 weeks old. Ebf
With all my children I’ve had the usual full engorged breasts on the first couple of weeks then it has calmed down.

Had mastitis a few times but this is not the the last couple of days suddenly engorged again , painful and sensitive but not like mastitis and also very veiny is this because of a growth spurt ? Is baby just needing more milk??
Never had this before and am very uncomfortable? Thanks

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LampHat · 17/05/2018 22:14

Is it both breasts and does it get any better after feeding? I got this when DS dropped his night feeds, could it be that your baby is actually taking less and your supply hasn’t caught up yet?

Ouchok · 17/05/2018 22:22

Yes both sides
His feeding hasn’t really changed that’s why it’s odd but he did have jabs and a cold last week but still bf the same

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Ouchok · 17/05/2018 22:24

Feeding isn’t helping much it’s like they refill immediately and just feel sore I thought these days were over it’s like when he was a newborn ? I would express to relieve it but not sure it will then don’t want to stimulate more milk !

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LampHat · 17/05/2018 22:26

Oh I don’t know then! Maybe someone else more knowledgeable will be able to shed some light. I hope it resolves for you soon - engorgement is the worst SadFlowers

Ouchok · 17/05/2018 22:30

I keep reading that 4 months is a growth spurt/sleep regression/big leap buy never experienced it before....
so tempted to express but then it’ll make it worse maybe supply just need to readjust

OP posts:
Muchtoomuchtodo · 17/05/2018 22:34

I can remember having similar but can't remember what ages ds's were.
I hand expressed just enough to relieve the soreness. I remember it being really tempting to keep going but convinced myself not to as I was worried about over stimulating too.
If you feel well in yourself, it's unlikely to be mastitis. I felt like I'd been hit by a bus when I had that.
Hope it improves soon.

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