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Mixed feeding initially?

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coffeeforone · 17/05/2018 11:52

Currently 22 weeks pregnant with DC2. I will (most likely) formula feed from very early days. However, if possible I'd like to give colostrum for the first few days before switching to exclusive formula. Are there any cons of this (compared to FF only)?

I remember from my antenatal classes with DC1 that the advice was if you don't want to breastfeed then put a bra on and leave your breasts alone - just get with exclusive FF from first feed. Does anyone know the reason the midwife advised that?

OP posts:
Foggymist · 17/05/2018 23:40

Because if you stimulate the breasts or express even a little bit to relieve the pain and pressure of engorgement when the milk comes in you'll prolong it all and prolong the pain, if you completely ignore them and don't touch them/extract one drop it'll end faster. To be blunt this will send the signal to the body that there is no baby and no need to make milk. If you feed the baby for the first few days which would be great your body will continue with establishing milk production.

coffeeforone · 18/05/2018 08:50

Thank you - That makes sense!

I’m just thinking there are so many mothers who start off bf then switch in the early days (change their mind for whatever reason rather than plan to), there can’t be too many adverse effects of switching early.

I switched after 6 weeks, so fairly early days, with DC1 and didn’t notice any additional pain (if anything the pain reduced once I stopped).

OP posts:
allthatmalarkey · 18/05/2018 09:11

If you've got engorged breasts you risk mastitis and breast abscess if you don't try to gently clear what's already in the breast, eg the lumps. You will stimulate only a tiny bit of milk production (today's order of milk = tomorrow's milk production). You could express a little colostrum and give the baby the benefit of that without stimulating much milk production. Friend was advised to do that when DC2 was in IC. She had no problems. Hopefully MWs will have a feeding cup for you. Good luck OP.

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