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Pumping at storing at a wedding

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CawsNaked · 24/04/2018 06:22

Is there some magical way I can store breast milk on the go that I don't know about. Going to quite a few weddings without my baby this year. It'll be a long drive, afternoon, overnight, lunch the next day so quite a lot of pumping. It seems painful to just throw that away. Anyone have any genius suggestions?

OP posts:
mindutopia · 24/04/2018 08:02

Cool bag with ice packs and then stay in an Airbnb with fridge would be the easiest way.

CawsNaked · 24/04/2018 12:13

Would it be ok the whole day in a cool bag? Say 3pm-2am?

OP posts:
Foggymist · 25/04/2018 16:40

Store it in hotel's fridge either in your room or their main fridges if possible and then put in cooler bag when leaving.

April45 · 30/04/2018 04:54

Would you really use it if you're worried about how it's been stored. Take the pressure off just pump and dump, yes it's a waste but a lot of you're having a drink you'd not keep this feed anyway.

wheredidsummergo12 · 30/04/2018 05:17

I wouldn’t use it if it had been in a cool bag for more than a few hours. Not worth giving the baby an upset stomach in my opinion. In these circumstances I just dump the milk.

ThePencil · 30/04/2018 07:49

Contact your accommodation in advance to see if they can help. I've always found hotels to be very accommodating- I've been given a room to pump in before, even when not staying at the hotel. As others have said, you could also get an AirBnB with a fridge if you can.

If you can't get a fridge, then cool bag will work, but I'd probably use the milk for lotion or something rather than feeding it to baby if it's been more than an hour or so in the bag.

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