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Nipping when feeding

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rockinghorse284752 · 30/03/2018 21:47

DD keeps nipping me when I'm bf her. I am sure it's a comfort thing but it really hurts and I'm getting covered in little bruises. I have tried just moving her hand away, but she gets quite upset. If I have a long sleeve top on she just starts grabbing my face and lip to do it there instead. Anyone any tips to make her stop? I feel mean as to her it's a nice comfort thing Confused

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Yazza123 · 31/03/2018 02:23

Have you tried scratch mittens or gloves to stop her from grabbing onto you? My 4 Month old Daughter likes to pinch me when I bf her but it does hurt me so I either give her a toy to grab onto or scratch mittens to prevent her from grabbing me. It is a comfort thing for them but it’s painful for is Mum’s 😂

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