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How much milk should a bottle fed 4 week old take?

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Grimmfebruary · 01/03/2018 11:07

Was told by a doctor I was over feeding him letting him have 2oz every two hours... he will wolf down 4oz and look for more but won’t go more than 3 hours between feeds? Sometimes will go 4-4.5 hours but rarely.

He weighs about 8lb now. Struggling with what to do as sometimes he will take 4oz then an hour or two later take another 1-2oz to settle himself

OP posts:
Kidssendingmenuts · 01/03/2018 11:14

If your feeding on demand give him as much as he wants. He is constantly growing and needs it all. You can't over feed a baby. So if He can drain 4oz and look for more up it to 5oz, if he drains that up it to 6oz and so on etc. Xx

Madbee · 01/03/2018 11:29

I am pretty sure you can overfeed a bottle fed baby.

OP, I'm afraid I don't know the answer, but I wouldn't be leaving a hungry baby to stay hungry- if they want more I'd wait a few minutes and offer a bit more.

helloBuddy · 01/03/2018 11:46

I feed my 5 week old 4-5oz every 3 hours, she doesn't always take it all but usually and goes slightly longer in the evening. She was born at 9.9lb though

ChocolatePodge · 01/03/2018 11:47

Are you pace feeding? This should slow him down so he doesn't over fill himself

Grimmfebruary · 01/03/2018 11:50

Pace feeding? I don’t know what that is.

He was born 6 lb 3, was difficult to get him to take an ‘acceptable’ amount (midwives words not mine!) but now I just can’t seem to fill him or get him to spread the feeds out!

OP posts:
ChocolatePodge · 01/03/2018 11:51

But 2oz every two hours doesn't sound that much? Maybe he just prefers little and often?

ChocolatePodge · 01/03/2018 11:56

Paced feeding

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