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Baby won't have anything but boob

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SayNoToCarrots · 24/02/2018 21:51

DS (my 2nd child, 4 months old) will not be fed anything but milk directly from me. He did occasionally in the first six or so weeks, and then decided he wasn't interested. I have tried feeding him expressed milk that I have just produced. If I get it down him he forcefully vomits. The whole contents of his stomach are ejected. Same with calpol, which is fabulous when he has his vaccinations.

It's as if he is doing it on purpose. How can his stomach differentiate between milk straight from the breast and milk that has spent 5 minutes in a bottle / cup? It's still warm when I give it to him.

I have tried everything - several types bottle, cup, syringe, feeding him boob straight afterwards. Am I just stuck to him until he weans? My first born had the same issue with formula til 10 months, but would take expressed milk no problem.

OP posts:
Midnightpony · 24/02/2018 21:53

Have you tried paced feeding? Maybe the expressed milk is going into his tummy too fast?

SayNoToCarrots · 24/02/2018 21:59

Thanks midnight. I've been sterilising and filling an ice-cube tray and giving him a single boobcube a day. Sometimes I push the boat out and give him 2. Same effect.

Also, I have a ridiculously forceful letdown - sometimes he chokes and has to take his face away. I don't think it's possible for expressed milk to hit his stomach quicker.

OP posts:
Midnightpony · 24/02/2018 22:35

Boobcube ! Grin

Have you contacted a lactation consultant or breastfeeding counsellor? They might have a suggestion.

I've heard of high lipase in frozen milk but I don't know anything about it, apart from I think it makes the milk taste soapy. Have a Google and see if that might apply to you.

AntiHop · 24/02/2018 22:39

He's definitely not doing it on purpose. Babies are not capable of that.

Why don't you just keep bf if he's not taking to mixed feeding?

Adoodoobydoo · 24/02/2018 22:42

My dd wouldn't take a bottle whether it contained breast milk or formula. She was never sick though, she just wouldn't latch on to it. I tried different bottles and teats but in the end I just stuck to breastfeeding. She wouldn't take a dummy either. Sorry that's not helpful.

GummyGoddess · 24/02/2018 22:46

Some babies just don't seem to drink well from a bottle, I'm not sure there's much you can do about it other than have the slowest possible teats.

DC was mix fed initially, he never ever threw up breast milk but formula or expressed milk vomit was fairly regular. It didn't matter how slow the teat was, how often we stopped to burp him, he just vomited it back up. We never fed him milk in a cup though so I don't know what he would have done with that. Eventually he just rejected the bottles altogether so was only breastfeeding.

I have a suspicion that was why my sister used to projectile vomit constantly, it only started when she was moved onto formula. She was tested for allergies but doesn't have any.

SayNoToCarrots · 25/02/2018 01:41

Thanks everyone. I'll try talking to a lactation consultant. I'd just like to be able to leave him with my husband for more than two hours at a time πŸ˜”.

Antihop I know he's not doing it on purpose really, I don't think even an adult can vomit on command . Also, I thought mixed feeding meant using both formula and breastmilk?

OP posts:
GummyGoddess · 25/02/2018 09:51

Even if you don't find a solution now, it's only a few more months until you can start working on giving them a beaker of water and proper food. It seems like forever but it will go ever do quickly.

AntiHop · 25/02/2018 22:34

Ah yes sorry yes mixed feeding does mean ff and bf. My mistake.

I think my dd was about 4 months when I first tried ebf in a bottle. Someone advised us to have her father give it to her initially, with me in another room. We had to try a few different tests but the one she took to best was calma.

And as Gummy said, it won't be long before he'll be having some food and fluids in a beaker, meaning you can be away from him longer.

AntiHop · 25/02/2018 22:35

Sorry should have specified the teat was medela calma.

SayNoToCarrots · 26/02/2018 08:12

Thanks again. You're right, I've done four months, what's a few more?

OP posts:
Lazypuppy · 27/02/2018 09:56

My baby is 4 weeks and she has had 1 bottle a day of breast milk from my partner. Try and get your husband to give a bottle of breastmilk when you are not around, pop out for a walk or something so you're close if needed.

When we started with bottle, baby would always cry for more from me even if she wasn't hungry cause thats what she was used to.

Now at 4 weeks she switches between boob, bottle and dummy no problem, and i can now give her bottles if we are out and about.

justanotheruser18 · 04/03/2018 13:35

My EBF baby wouldn't take a bottle either once he got to about 9 weeks? We got lazy with the nightly expressed milk bottle and he preferred milk from the source.

Now he's 6 months and still won't take a bottle but tries water from various sippy cups. I just sort of.. accepted my situation. That I wouldn't be able to leave him. It won't be for much longer though and soon they won't need us as much anyway 😭😭😭😭

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