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Does this sound like dairy intolerance?

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Trygowithflow · 22/02/2018 12:48

Am at wits end. My 6mo is bf and has always been unsettled at night but has been worse than usual for about week. He will sleep on me (only way works) from 8 to 10ish. He is then disturbed as we take him up to bed. I feed him and he falls asleep at breast. At this point I have tried lowering him to bed (we co sleep) and have tried winding him. In both instances all that happens is that when eventually lowered on to bed he starts massively fidgeting, tossing head side to side, clawing at neck and head and whining, building up to full on cry. He does this ALL night! Its like he's determined to fight sleep. Have tried gripe water, infacol and detinox. They do some good but he still seems in pain. Am sure it is wind as trumps massively by morning. I am worried neither of us are sleeping. He has also suffered reflux and has eczema, which he scratches when on back. Has anybody suffered in similar ways? I'm going to cut out dairy in case it's that. Does anybody have any other thoughts? Thank you 😭

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Okaassan · 28/02/2018 08:13

My baby was like this. Tummy always hard, lots of spit back on a feed, crying when placed on her back, not sleeping well. I consulted the HV who advised me that my baby would grow out of it and that it is totally normal. My gut instinct was that it was not! After some research i cut dairy from my diet and in three days i had a settled and happier baby. I tested this hypotheses by giving baby a bottle of expressed "pre dairy free" milk to see if a reaction occured and it did. Same sore and swollen tummy, same unsettled baby. I have never had dairy since. If i was you i would try cutting out dairy. They say it can take up to 2 weeks for the milk proteins to leave your body so it may not be instant. Also if no change occurs you can rule out the issue being dairy and look into other options. I felt terrible when i realised it was dairy causing her all that pain and that i hadn't done anything about it sooner.

I hope this helps

NameChange30 · 28/02/2018 08:18

Yes it does sound as if it could be CMPA. The only way to be sure is to cut dairy from your diet and see what happens.
I suggest you join the FB group “Breastfeeding with CMPA and other allergies”, it’s full of really useful advice.

NameChange30 · 28/02/2018 08:19
MrsHathaway · 28/02/2018 08:21

We were told that watery runny nose is a classic symptom. Does his eczema flare on very dairy days?

Poor wee bairn. Hope you find a solution.

NameChange30 · 28/02/2018 08:28

Oh and if you’re cutting out dairy you need to take a calcium and vitamin D supplement.

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