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Lumpy Baby Rice help!

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JakesMum2017 · 18/02/2018 14:25

Hi, on advice from the doctor my 23wk old DS is to begin the weaning journey!
I've brought aptimil baby rice (as he is on aptimil comfort milk)
Following the guidelines 2 tblspoons 3oz warm milk... it is sooo lumpy!
Any suggestions on how to make it smoother?

We had a moment when a sneaky lump slipped through the net and DS didn't react well! (Neither did we although trying to keep the positive smily faces going!) HmmGrinShock
Tbh he's not gobbling it down but I guess that's normal as it's only day 2! I think he has probably had about 3/4 spoons ...but I have some fruitier baby rice on order from Ella's kitchen to try!

OP posts:
pastabest · 18/02/2018 14:34

Baby rice is vile Grin It's like wallpaper paste and the fruity stuff is even worse. I abandoned it fairly early on as DD made it clear she wasn't going to tolerate it.

At his age don't have any huge expectations over how much he will eat. A few spoons a day is about right. he will start eating more and more as he gets used to it.

Any gagging if it happens is really normal and part of the developmental process in them learning to move food round their mouths.

As for making it smoother you could try passing it through a sieve, but that goes for anything you wanted to purée (carrot, banana etc for example)

Foggymist · 20/02/2018 00:08

Baby rice is pointless stuff with no nutritional value, just use normal porridge.

TeddyIsaHe · 20/02/2018 00:24

You might as well feed your baby sawdust mixed with milk.

Proper food!! Just make up normal porridge thinner than normal and blend it to make it smooth. Or purée veggies and fruit.

italiancortado · 20/02/2018 07:46

Agreed, baby rice is shit.

However, it's not exactly rocket science. If it's too think/lumpy you add more milk.

How could that be difficult Shock

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