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Tips on how to stop BF please

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elishacatt · 09/02/2018 09:35

For a few reasons personal to myself, I am soon to be switching baby to formula.
She has been exclusively bf for 8 1/2weeks. I tried her with a bottle of formula yesterday and she did finish the 4oz but was slow to do so. I also don't think I gave her enough because an hour later she was hungry and took 6 minutes from me.
Can anyone give me any tips on how to take her off breast so I don't get mastitis etc and so it's not a shock to her either. I want to do it in the easiest way possible for us both.
Do I formula feed on demand like breast? It's all very overly and find there's less support for switching to formula as 'breast is best'...
I'm feeling quite sad to give up so please only supportive replies that don't make me feel any worse.
Thanks Smile

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Owletterocks · 09/02/2018 09:41

It’s been a while since I did this but I think you would be best to switch over gradually if you can? So mix feed for a few weeks, gradually upping the formula and dropping the breast feeds. I did that until I got to 2 breast feeds a day and then just stopped and pumped a small amount off when I got engorged just till I felt comfortable again. I had to do that for a few days before stopping completely

elishacatt · 09/02/2018 10:32

Thank you. I'm assuming the bottles will have to be fed to her the same time each day? she went longer in the night and this morning when she went to feed I was so full and very uncomfortable so I am not looking forward to this happening when weaning her off.

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Ebony12 · 09/02/2018 10:40

Hi Op,

Just to say you've done extremely well to get to 8 weeks and please don't feel bad. I only managed 4 days after my LG was losing weight and then had jaundice - so I quickly switched to formula to get the bilirubin out of her system... unfortunately for me my milk came in nearly a week later (due to a emergency c section) so I expressed and did combination feeding for a while.
Amy LG is now totally FF and doing brilliantly and we've started weaning, so in time, the most important thing will be a heathy diet and that's what I'm focusing on (loads of fresh food). So please pat yourself on the back as she's had such a great start. I'm not sure how to reduce your supply though, I'm sure some experienced BF mummies will reply. I wanted you to say honestly don't feel bad, it serves no purpose and you want to enjoy this precious time Smile x

elishacatt · 09/02/2018 14:07

Ebony12 - thank you so much! It's so daunting and so many people push breast on you and make you feel bad for not continuing for longer. Formula has come so far these days and deep down I know I'm not doing anything wrong but that mum guilt is always lurking... I've started one bottle yesterday and another at lunch time today.
Thanks again for your supportive words! X

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