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Which formula?

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rosegarden45 · 30/01/2018 20:00

Hi All, it seems like a topic that shouldn't be talked about but I want to ask about formula. If I mention formula to people I feel like I get sneered at! I've mentioned it to midwife who won't advise other than that breast is best. The websites all say breast is best and I've tried talking to the online advisors who cannot advise on which product to get.

I plan to breastfeed when baby is born in a few weeks time. However I want to be prepared and have some back up formula available in case of emergency.
The products I am able to get hold of are Cow&Gate, Aptamil and Aptamil Profutura.

So my question is - does anyone know which is the best product? Which should I get in as my emergency formula? I really don't want to be up in the night trying and failing with breastfeeding and unable to get hold of any formula so want to be prepared. Just in case.

Thanks in advance 😊

OP posts:
Callamia · 30/01/2018 20:08

I did this, and bought Aptamil.
I know realise that there’s zip all difference between the formulas and that most likely you pay a little more for some because they’re targeted at guilt-ridden middle class mothers.

So honestly, buy whatever you feel happy with. I hope breastfeeding works well for you. It can be hard work, and I did also use formula with my first baby in the first few weeks (the world didn’t end ;)) - but there’s plenty of support out there.

LadyRenoir · 30/01/2018 21:29

I think having a back up plan is good- I planned on breastfeeding, but it has not happened because of circumstances.

We were told that Cow&Gate and Aptamil are the same thing- just different labels, and comparing the ingredients they look the same.

Bananarama12 · 30/01/2018 21:33

We started with cow and gate but went on to Hipp Organic as it suited little one better.

KimchiLaLa · 30/01/2018 21:35

We've used aptamil from the start when I was combo feeding but just to warn you I've had some problems getting their ready made formula everywhere (there's been some random shortage). So if you want to use that be aware that you may need to visit a few different places on occasion as I have!

INeedNewShoes · 30/01/2018 21:36

Whichever brand you go for I'd recommend the ready to feed bottles for those early days, then you don't have to worry about preparing formula correctly etc.

BoobleMcB · 30/01/2018 21:37

I'd say Aptamil

Marcine · 30/01/2018 21:38

They're very regulated so all are equally good. Pick the cheapest, or the most easily available, or the prettiest pack - whatever you like really!

ClemDanfango · 30/01/2018 21:38

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Calphurnia · 30/01/2018 21:42

Infant formula is massively regulated, so they can't be all that different from each other

Hope breastfeeding works for you. If you can get the right support, and persevere for the first six weeks, you'll have it cracked. Try not to give up on a bad day

Good luck!

MagicFajita · 30/01/2018 21:42

My ds has aptamil , we started out with sma but it didn't agree with him so my hv suggested the change.

The aptamil tubs are horrid to use though so I bought some circular tubs online to decant the powder into.

skippykips · 30/01/2018 21:57

I breast fed, but I could never express (not sure why) so on days I needed medication I used cow and gate. Baby fed with no problems.

rosegarden45 · 30/01/2018 22:12

Thanks for all the speedy responses everyone. I've been assuming that C&G and Aptamil are identical as both made by the same company but I can't seem to get that answer anywhere. I will keep digging. Hoping that buying the cheapest option will give us a good backup 😊

OP posts:
Mulch · 30/01/2018 22:13

They are so tightly regulated there's very little difference. We started on aptamil then ended up buying Aldis, a good 4 difference.

Madbee · 31/01/2018 07:20

Cow & Gate and Aptamil are exactly the same - the package and the price are the only difference.

Laineymc7 · 31/01/2018 07:26

We changed to hipp organic and it suited our little one better too.

EssentialHummus · 31/01/2018 07:30

Whichever one is sold in most shops near you/the 24 hour corner store.

I took the same approach as you and we’re still breastfeeding five months in. I felt calmer having that safety net there.

NoStraightEdges · 31/01/2018 07:32

Aldi are doing formula now and it's significantly cheaper than the brands.

Our maternity and children's hospitals use Aptamil for non special feeds. Although they do have some of every make available in case a baby is already used to one type. If there are any problems and they have to give your baby formula you may want to carry on with the same brand, so it may be worth holding of stocking up on loads. Perhaps get a couple of cartons/ready prepared bottles of a couple of brands in to avoid a late night dash?

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