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Bottle feeding, milk coming in

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Yahdayah · 19/01/2018 08:58


I am hoping for some advice.

Baby was born on Tuesday and my milk has started to come in and I am in absolute agony, so much so I can’t pick baby up as it hurts too much.

I am bottle feeding and won’t be changing my mind on that.

My mum has suggested Epsom salts, she had babies over 30 years ago now so I was hoping someone could offer some advice on this or any suggestions.

OP posts:
mommybear1 · 19/01/2018 09:03

Old remedies are the best Epsom salts and cabbage leaves work wonders also have some paracetamol/ ibuprofen for the pain congratulations on your baby Thanks

BertieBotts · 19/01/2018 09:05

Over the counter decongestants like cold and flu remedies can also help dry up milk.

tigertigerlion · 19/01/2018 09:06

Maybe a warm shower to help release all the milk?
Congrats xx

Yahdayah · 19/01/2018 09:07

Thank you so much for your replies; I’m sat here in a complete state and you’ve really helped. Thank you.

My husband is en route to collect a very random concoction of bits!

OP posts:
Snoopyokay · 19/01/2018 09:09

I remember the agony of this OP, hope you feel better soon!

I remember I had nothing in the house like cabbage so stuffed 2 slices of bread in my bra, I was desparate Blush

Conrats on your baby Flowers

smilingthroughgrittedteeth · 19/01/2018 09:10

Avoid letting warm water run over your breasts in the shower and try to avoid the temptation to express any milk, it gives relief but just encourages more milk and prolongs the pain. I found wearing a tight top helped.

AutumnGlitterBall · 19/01/2018 09:11

My midwife told me to wear my bra at all times, in bed as well, and shower with my back to the water. Don’t give them any stimulation at all and it will dry up. It did take a good few days for me. I was still leaking on and off when he cried for a couple of months so I had pads inside my bra so I didn’t leak onto clothes.

KanbanFan · 19/01/2018 09:20

My dd is 3 weeks old so I went through this a couple of weeks ago. My midwife's advice was to leave them well alone - try not to stimulate your breasts in any way. So no warm showers, supportive bra on at all times and don't touch them or express.
Take pain relief for the pain - I took paracetamol and ibuprofen.
Mine were agony for a couple of days and then milk went away on day 3.
My friend suggested cabbage leaves, I didn't have any but used lettuce leaves from the fridge which helped 😀.
You have my sympathies op - it's just another thing making you feel shit right at the time you want to feel better to look after your newborn
, thankfully for me it passed quite quickly so I hope it will for you too.

kikibo · 19/01/2018 09:20


Shouldn't you have got tablets in hospital to prevent milk production?

They gave them to me when I gave birth here in Germany end of August. They were two tiny ones, to be given within 48 hours after birth for mothers who don't breastfeed. No issues, no pain, swelling, nothing. Never saw or felt a drop of milk.

Anyway, there are tablets to take for women who want to stop. And lots and lots of sage and mint tea seems to be the done thing here (got that too in hospital in exchange for the icky fennel stuff)..

smilingthroughgrittedteeth · 19/01/2018 09:34

They don't give the pills here routinely anymore

happymummy12345 · 19/01/2018 09:38

I also bottle fed. I was advised wearing a bra and tight tops, to shower with my back to the water, and to not touch them. My milk dried up within a couple of weeks.

Yahdayah · 19/01/2018 09:44

Thank you all, I’m happy to give anything a try.

Unfortunately they won’t give me tablets, I did ask this morning if there was anything and was told they wouldn’t prescribe them anymore.

I’ve stopped crying and my husband will be home very shortly with the random list of items.

OP posts:
lizzlebizzle33 · 19/01/2018 10:15

And I thought the first few weeks of breastfeeding were hard, this sounds very tough. I hope you feel better soon and congratulations on your baby.x

Jipiandme · 19/01/2018 10:57

I went through this a few wks ago due to large abcess (mastitis). My surgeon advised me to use white cabbage leaves (its the chemicals in them so lettuce or bread won't work to dry up but may give short term relief.) Peppermint tea works but sage tea works better 4-5 cups a day (a little squirt of honey makes it more palatable). And don't touch them at all i was dry after 3/4 days. Good luck Smile

mommybear1 · 19/01/2018 16:45

Hope you're getting on ok OP ThanksCake

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