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Switching to combi feeding - advice please!

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soontobeamum1982 · 05/01/2018 20:05

I've been breastfeeding my baby exclusively (apart from a couple of top ups in hospital) since birth and she's now five months old. It's been a difficult journey: shallow latch, very damaged nipples which took a long time to heal, thrush, a bleb that's stuck around for a month so far, and mastitis. I am recovering from my second bout of mastitis (at the same as the flu) right now so my nipples are sore from constant feeding, and now I've hit ANOTHER hurdle: the first tooth is causing new cracking.

I had hoped to BF to a year, but despite hours and hours of brilliant support from BF groups and a private LC things still aren't perfect. I'd say that in five months we've had two that were hassle and pain free.

I've had a bit of an epiphany today and realised that something needs to change, so I've decided that however well I heal, once she hits six months and we start weaning I'm also going to start combi feeding - especially as it will allow me to have more of a break.

Any advice on how to get started? How do you decide which feed to drop first? (Though I BF on demand without much of a pattern right now).

How can you make a slow switch without getting engorged or mastitis?

Also, if you combi feed does it mean you can be flexible about when you BF? I am getting married in April and it would be nice to know I didn't have to BF once in my dress - especially as it's hurried, stressed feeds at social events this xmas that led me to getting bloody mastitis again!

Any advice and encouragement welcome. TIA x

OP posts:
Caterina99 · 05/01/2018 21:48

Hi OP I’m not sure I can answer all your questions, but I’m currently combi feeding my 12 week old. She usually has one bottle of formula a day in the evening, but if I want to go out at a different time then she could have it during the day and I just bf the 10pm feed instead and it’s always been fine. Same as if for some reason she has more bottles in a day, then I just express a bit for comfort, but it’s not affected supply or caused me any problems. I usually try and keep it the same time though.

I’d just pick a feed to swop to a bottle. I prefer it when my DH is home as it’s more convenient for me for him to give it. You may need to express a bit the first few times but your supply should just adjust naturally after a few days. It seems to have worked that way for me anyway, so I hope it does for you

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