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Mixed feeding, periods and pregnancy

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SteadyFreddie · 31/12/2017 22:43

I would really appreciate some advice on the likelihood of getting pregnant. I'm mix feeding but haven't had a period yet since having DS in September.

To elaborate:

My DS is 14wks and I am mix feeding every 3 hrs - mostly BF with usually one dreamfeed bottle of formula at 1130pm by husband (though more formula over festive period ie last few days so as to fit in with family meals). So, 6 bfeeds plus 1 formula per day.

We have DTD a few times since about 3wks after the birth, very infrequently at first (too painful) , but slightly more often when time and opportunity allows. Still not back to pre preg 'normal', but we are trying to re establish some form of adult intimacy. We aren't using contraception.

I've not yet had a period since the birth in Sept (c section) and haven't been monitoring my BBT every day as I did when trying to get preg the first time - mostly because I now get up on automatic reflex when I hear the baby's cries, and don't have the luxury of time to lie in bed and test my temperature!.

We'd like to have another child, but have no idea how soon this is likely as I am still bf and haven't had a period.

I'd be grateful to hear anyone's experience.
Can you still get preg even though you haven't had a period?

thank you!

OP posts:
MrsG841 · 31/12/2017 22:46

Yes you can! Ppl are under the assumption that breastfeeding stops you getting pregnant and this is false.

I didnt have a period for 13 weeks after having my son in feb (entirely formula fed) but i know ppl who have gone longer with no period

SteadyFreddie · 31/12/2017 23:21

Thank you MrsG481: yes; I’ve read that bfeeding is not an effective contraceptive.
What I’m less clear about is the matter of periods. How will I know I’m fertile again and ovulating?
Is it just a case of waiting it out until I get my period?

OP posts:
MrsG841 · 31/12/2017 23:37

It all depends how quick your body is at returning to normal. But they say the first 3-6 months after baby u are super fertile regardless of having a period or not

Notso · 31/12/2017 23:41

I suppose you could try using OPK but I'd just use contraception if I were you. My fourth was conceived while I was breastfeeding, DC3 was 7 months and I hadn't had a period.

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