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Should i use comfort milk and carobel together

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jamesuk · 31/12/2017 16:44

Hi, my LG has reflux, well the HV said she has a while back, so we have been trying her on cow & gate anti-reflux milk but she got bad constipation and didn't want her on movicol for the next coming months.

The next option was carobel, we an unopened tub of cow and gate comfort milk from before we tried the anti reflux milk so decided to try the carobel with the comfort milk (that says its for colic and constipation)

Since we made this move (3 days ago), she’s had really watery diarrhoea and seems not so much her normal self.

I’m not sure if she is just getting used to the carobel or if she was going to get diarrhoea anyway but is being made worse with it being in the comfort milk which is for constipation.

So now we don’t know whether to try the carobel in normal milk or see if she gets used to what she’s on?

Would it be a bad idea mixing carobel with comfort milk? i guess if the carobel was going to give her diarrhoea or looser poo's anyway then the constipation milk would make it even looser wouldn't it?

The other thing me and my partner are also thinking is if she actually had an intolerance to milk and the issue isn't actually reflux anyway and its possibly an intolerance causing it all, but it’s so hard to realise which it all is?

Has anyone any advice please?



OP posts:
GrumpySusan · 31/12/2017 16:52

Hi there
I used comfort milk with thickener for my DD who has reflux. It didn't make her puking much better and seemed to send her poo habits even worse (not going often then exploding, and bad wind). I think the issue with thickeners is that it can cause constipation rather than diarrhoea?
In the end I put her on lactose free milk and she's like a different baby!
The hv advised me to offer an ounce of cooled boiled water if constipation became an issue with using the thickener.
It may be that she just needs to adapt to the new milk and things will settle, or as you say could be an intolerance.

GrumpySusan · 31/12/2017 16:53

Sorry I don't think I've explained myself very well there!

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