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How to sterilise a pump and bottles

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actino · 21/12/2017 01:51

Hi. My Dd I'd 6 weeks old and EBF but we want to introduce an occasional bottle. I was given a tommee tipee menial brest pump and I purchased bottles for it.

My question is how should I go about sterilising these before using? I don't have the microwave sterilising box that comes with the pump or any other kind of steriliser and don't want to purchase anything right now.

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Mermaid36 · 21/12/2017 01:53

If you are just going to put breastmilk in them, a wash with hot soapy water and dry with a paper towel is totally fine

Sugarcoma · 21/12/2017 05:58

You can buy sterilizing bags from Boots, Amazon etc which you fill with a bit of water and the bits you want to sterilize then pop in the microwave for 3 mins. Super easy. Each bag can be reused around 20 times.

ICJump · 21/12/2017 06:16

You don’t have to sterilise breastmilk equipment. As above hot soapy water is fine. If you wanted to you can boil all the parts in water

nic14271213 · 21/12/2017 06:21

I washed mine in soapy water and would rinse with boiling water. Never had a problem.

Spam88 · 21/12/2017 06:27

You can boil in a pan, just google to check how long you need to do it for.

angelopal · 21/12/2017 06:30

Milton cold water sterilising tablets. Just put one in cold water and done after 15mins.

actino · 21/12/2017 11:13

Thanks everyone. I sterilised the pump because it was given to me secondhand from a friend. It makes sense that everything doesn't always need to be sterilised, my boobs definitely aren't sterile!

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