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How to introduce formula?

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GlennRheeismyfavourite · 16/12/2017 10:51

Hi, my baby has been ebf for four months - my husband and I would like to start introducing some bottles but I don't know how. We haven't had great success with breast milk in bottles, sometimes she'll take it from my husband other times she refuses. We tried a formula bottle and she was utterly resistant. Any tips on getting her to accept formula? Do we just keep trying?

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123456kent · 16/12/2017 23:31

My baby is younger than yours (not yet 2 months) and was refusing the one formula bottle I was offering a day (the one before bed). She is now taking it much better as I am mixing it with breast milk - something like 3oz formula/1oz breast milk, or maybe 2 and 2oz. Working well for us! I’ll decrease the amout of breast milk as time goes on

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