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How much and how often for 11 week old

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MunchkinJess · 25/11/2017 16:08

So feeding my son has always been pretty stressful especially as I had a feeling something wasn't right and found out at 8 weeks old he has Cow milk protein intolerance . He is on similac alimentum.

He won't drink more than 4 ozs sometimes 5 ozs if I'm lucky and can sometimes go longer than 4 hours or more without having a bottle .

I am struggling to fit his bottles in during the day . He normally has a bath around 5:30 with a bottle around 6ish and then bed for 6:30ish as that is when my daughter goes to bed .

My question is how often and how much is your little one taking? I try to feed on demand but when he goes longer than four hours I worry . I am also strict about bed time ( no nasty comments pls this is just what I have always done and believe in ) so his last bottle before bed has to be around 6pm.

He currently dream feeds at 11 pm and then doesn't get up till 4am for a feed .

So what do you do ? And how much per feed does your baby take ? Should I just not stress and wait for him to tell me when he is hungry other than his bed time bottle ?

My daughter was so different and loved her milk whereas he is a little different x

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EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic · 25/11/2017 18:07

He might be different as he may be associating milk with pain. How much is he taking in 24 hours and how much does he weigh?

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic · 25/11/2017 18:14

Forgot to ask if you’ve found the MN Allergies Board yet? You may find it useful 🙂

MunchkinJess · 26/11/2017 08:32

@EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic it really depends some days on a 24 hour period he drinks 23 ounces and some days up to 30 ounces ... but on average I would say around 25 ounces roughly.

I just want to make sure that he is getting enough and if maybe I should just leave him to tell me when he is hungry rather than feed him anyways once he gets past four hours ... he does still have reflux just not as bad as before ...

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EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic · 26/11/2017 10:23

I’m not sure with this formula but with the regular formulas they should be having 2.5 floz per pound in weight per day. So if he’s 10lb it should be 25floz a day.

If he’s doing 4 hour stretches, ideally you want him to do those at night, not in the day. I don’t be tempted to get him up after 3 hours in the day. Change him and try a feed. Going 4 hiurscat night is fine at this age. In fact it’s fine in the day too, as long as they are getting enough formula in the 24 hours 🙂

cherrypiemay16 · 26/11/2017 10:27

May also be because the hypoallergenic formulas don't taste very nice. We had neocate which my baby wasn't that keen on and he never took huge amounts Smile

MunchkinJess · 26/11/2017 10:51

E@EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic this is why I'm worried he is 13lbs 14 ounces .

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MunchkinJess · 26/11/2017 10:54

@cherrypiemay16 it smells bloody awful but the difference it's made is huge ! His reflux is much better and he isn't in pain while drinking ... I mean he is gaining weight as o gave to get him weighed every two weeks.

At night he does well with going long stretches and I wouldn't mind if he did longer stretches on the day if he drank bigger bottles but 4oz is his normal amount per feed 🙄

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Marcine · 26/11/2017 11:15

I am feeding on demand, but I don't let my 10 week old go more than 3 hours between 7am-11pm. She roughly goes 3 hours in the day then 2 hours in the evening, about 8 feeds a day. She only has one bottle a day but never manages more than 3oz - I think their stomachs are still just small!

MunchkinJess · 26/11/2017 11:20

@Marcine how does she sleepy at night ?

My son has a bath and bottle for bed at 6:30 he is now so used to it that if I don't get him in the bath and a bottle after he gets quite upset . I then dreamfeed at 11pm and he doesn't have another bottle till 4am then the next at 7am as I have to get my daughter up and out for the school run at 8am .

OP posts:
Marcine · 26/11/2017 11:45

She sleeps 11pm-7am (I have to wake her then for school too) but doesn't have an early bedtime yet - my other two had 7pm bedtimes but woke for feeds in the night so I guess you can't have both!
She roughly feeds 7/10/1/4/6/8/10-11 with a bottle in there somewhere too.

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